The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Arthur Dent (Simon Jones)
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two
  • 1981
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Television adaptation of the highly successful sci-fi radio sitcom and comic novel, created by Douglas Adams. Also features Simon Jones, David Dixon, Sandra Dickinson, Mark Wing-Davey, David Learner and more.

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Series 1, Episode 4 - Fit The Fourth

Seventeen and a half million years ago, a race of hyper-intelligent, pan-dimensional beings set out to solve the meaning of existence and find the answer to life, the universe and everything. To this end they constructed a giant super computer which took seven and a half million years to come up with the answer that was not quite what was expected. But what has this got to do with Arthur? And why are a pair of mice so interested in his brain? The crew attempt to make it back to the Heart of Gold but are obstructed by two "sensitive new-age" policemen and thus find themselves next to a very inconveniently placed explosion...

Further details

Slartibartfast takes Arthur to his study and shows him a film which explains the story behind the quest to find 'The Ultimate Question'.

The story begins with a race of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings creating a super-computer called 'Deep Thought' to calculate the Ultimate Answer of Life, the Universe and Everything. After 7.5 million years, it announces the answer - 42.

Deep Thought then explained that in order to find the Ultimate Question, that would explain the Ultimate Answer, an even larger computer needed to be built. 'Deep Thought' called this 'The Earth'... and it turns out The Vogons demolished this 'computer' just five minutes before the final question was due to be given.

Arthur and Slartibartfast then meet up with Ford, Zaphod and Trillian, who are unharmed after their attack. They also meet Trillian's mice, who reveal themselves to be two of the pan-dimensional beings that designed the experiment. They cannot be bothered to go through the whole experiment again and so decide not to build a second Earth.

Their discussion is interrupted by the police looking to arrest Zaphod. Arthur, Ford, Zaphod and Trillian try to confront the police, but they are shot at.

Broadcast details

Monday 26th January 1981
30 minutes

Cast & crew

Simon Jones Arthur Dent
David Dixon Ford Prefect
Sandra Dickinson Trillian
Mark Wing-Davey Zaphod Beeblebrox
Peter Jones The Book (Voice)
Guest cast
Richard Vernon Slartibartfast
Antony Carrick Lunkwill
Timothy Davies Fook
David Leland Majikthise
Charles McKeown Vroomfondel
Matt Zimmerman Shooty
Marc Smith Bang Bang
Valentine Dyall Deep Thought (Voice)
Writing team
Douglas Adams Writer
Production team
Alan J. W. Bell Director
Alan J. W. Bell Producer
John Lloyd Associate Producer
Ian Williams Editor
Glenn Hyde Editor
Andrew Howe-Davies Production Designer
Dee Robson Costume Designer
Bernie Leadon Composer
Paddy Kingsland Composer
Tom Yardley-Jones Production Designer

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