Heil Honey I'm Home!. Copyright: Noel Gay Television.

Heil Honey I'm Home!

Galaxy sitcom spoofing US TV. 8 episodes (pilot + 1 series) in 1990. Stars Neil McCaul, Denica Fairman, Gareth Marks, Caroline Gruber and others.


Maria Friedman took over the role of Eva Braun after the first episode had been filmed. Interestingly the performer`s father was a Russian Jew and when she was brought up in Germany in the 1960s, Friedman claims that she had adhesive tape placed across her mouth in order to silence her.


Despite the show`s perceived failure, Paul Jackson kept faith with director Juliet May and was instrumental in her working on the fifth series of sitcom Red Dwarf.

Gareth Marks and Caroline Gruber would go on to work together again when they were coincidentally hired to appear in the same episode of Bottom.

While Heil Honey I`m Home may be reviled by some, Gareth Marks has continued to include clips from the series, including some unbroadcast, as part of his comedy showreel.

In interviews Paul Jackson has commented that he believes that the pilot episode was never aired despite recordings having emerged that contradict him.