Harry Hill's TV Burp. Harry Hill. Copyright: Avalon Television.

Harry Hill's TV Burp

ITV comedy about TV. 165 episodes (pilot + 12 series), 2001 - 2012. Stars Harry Hill and Steve Benham.

Harry Hill's Bumper Book Of Bloopers

Harry Hill's Bumper Book Of Bloopers

Another treat for Harry Hill fans! Britain's favourite comedian, Harry Hill, loves it when people silly mistakes. So much that he has put together a rib-tickling book of howlers, whacky stories and bloopers for all the family. The Bumper Book of Bloopers contains Harry's favourite goofs picked from the world's daftest newspapers and magazines - and believe it or not every single one of them is a genuine boob!

First published: Thursday 20th October 2011

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