Hallelujah!. Image shows from L to R: Sister Alice Meredith (Patsy Rowlands), Captain Emily Ridley (Thora Hird), Sister Dorothy Smith (Rosamund Greenwood).


ITV sitcom about a Salvation Army band. 15 episodes (2 series), 1983 - 1984. Stars Thora Hird, Patsy Rowlands, Rosamund Greenwood and David Daker.

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Hallelujah! - The Complete First Series

Hallelujah! - The Complete First Series

Dame Thora Hird stars in one of her own personal favourite roles as the barmiest woman in the Salvation Army! The Sally Army are in need of some salvation themselves - salvation that is from their own dotty Captain Emily Ridley (Thora Hird).

For over forty-two years, Captain Emily has...