Great Night Out. Image shows from L to R: Hodge (Lee Boardman), Daz (Stephen Walters), Beggsy (William Ash), Glyn (Craig Parkinson).

Great Night Out

ITV comedy drama about four men. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2013. Stars William Ash, Stephen Walters, Craig Parkinson, Lee Boardman and others.

Great Night Out - Series 1

Great Night Out - Series 1

Four mates enjoy a weekly boys' get-together in Stockport.

As they help each other through romantic, work and family crises, they invariably create much bigger problems to solve. Hodge would view himself as the leader of the group - but no one else does. In reality he side-steps responsibility - and spending money. His wife, Kath, most certainly wears the trousers at home; Beggsy is an upbeat soul, divorced for a year but still pining after his ex-wife who has fled Down Under with her new hubby taking their daughter Kelly with her. Glyn is everyone's loyal underdog who still yearns after his high school crush Julie and seems to fluff every attempt to get together despite his mates' well-intentioned "advice"; Daz is the eternal pessimist of the group, the first to pull Hodge up on his sometimes questionable fashion sense and the first to put a dampener on a situation. Sometimes he's in a relationship with Colleen, sometimes not. Their constant bickering seems to be the only glue holding them together, but underneath there's real love.

Great Night Out charts the lads' attempts to right their worldly wrongs - so long as they don't have to move too far from their favourite pub, the beloved football or the local café.

First released: Monday 18th February 2013