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Series 28, Episode 16 - Sam Neill, Billie Piper, James Nesbitt, Andi Osho, Tom Jones

Sam Neill says Jurassic Park is going to be huge, Billie Piper describes her new film as bonkers and brutal, Tom Jones says he still loves performing, James Nesbitt talks about working in Northern Ireland, and Andi Osho admits writing a book took a lot longer than she thought.

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Sam Neill joins Graham from his vineyard in New Zealand to chat about his new movie Rams.

Revealing his original reluctance to do the film, he says, "I did four films back-to-back a couple of years ago and I was exhausted, but then I felt much better after I read the script.

"It was meant to come out in March last year just as everything rained down on the earth and it was cancelled and I kind of forgot about it. Now it's come out and I'm getting such wonderful feedback it's so gratifying that it's making people feel better. It's a touching, heart-warming and rather lovely film. And, for lovers of sheep there is no better film!"

Asked about the new Jurassic Park, he says, "It's been put back for a year, so it's supposed to be out next May. We shot it all at Pinewood and it's going to be huge so hopefully there will be some cinemas open soon so people can see it!"

Revealing that James Nesbitt helped him with his Irish accent for Peaky Blinders, Sam says "He was immensely helpful, especially with the four-letter words!"

Billie Piper, talking about I Hate Suzie says, "I was really excited for the show to come out because if felt like I was finally doing something that made sense to me. It felt really satisfying. It's also kind of weird and as I am kind of weird it was good to put that out there!"

Talking about Rare Beasts, which she wrote, directed and stars in, she says, "It happened two years ago and apparently it is coming out in May, but I'm not entirely sure. It's beginning to feel like a phantom film - it's like it never happened."

Describing it, she says, "It's been called an anti-romcom, but I think that's too easy in a way. For me, it's a pitch-black comedy, border-line horror film. It's brutal and bonkers, which life feels like at the moment. I feel everyone is at the end of their rope and that's represented in the film. I suppose it depends on what sort of cloth you are cut from as whether you can stomach it because it is unforgiving."

And, on casting herself in the lead, Billie says, "I thought it easier, and it was one less person to worry about. I didn't have to pore over the notes and deal with all the emotional stuff that comes with directing actors."

Tom Jones, talking about receiving his COVID vaccine, says, "I've had the two and I'm now bulletproof! It's a great feeling. I thought, 'I'll be able to go out and do some live shows now,' but then I thought, 'You've got to have an audience for that!' If they haven't had the jab, what's the point."

Asked if he still enjoys performing, he says, "I love it. I sing around the house; I sing even when I don't get paid for it! I love to sing; I really do and any chance I have to get up and sing I will."

Talking about living in LA for 41 years, he says, "I liked it a lot. It was the sunshine and everything. Because I was on the road so much performing, to me it was like a holiday place. I'd be by the pool most of the time and I really didn't have to do anything. It was so easy and convenient. To be honest the reason I stayed there was on the advice of my accountant when Harold Wilson came into power - and then, when I didn't have to pay as much tax, I really got to like it!"

James, talking about his upcoming BBC crime thriller Bloodland, says, "When Jed [Mercurio] gives you a call and says, 'Will you work for me?' it is like God calling really and it's like, "Yes, I'll die for you!'"

Asked about filming in Northern Ireland, he says, "I left to go to drama school in 1985 but it is still very much home to me. It is an important time for Ireland and as a result of the peace, over the last 20 years there has been so much filming there. It is a vibrant, brilliant incredible place, like a mini-Hollywood. This new film examines the balance between preserving the peace and also the legacy of the past and the injustices of some of the crimes."

Andi Osho, talking about appearing in the new series of Line Of Duty, says, "I've done my bit. I'm a real fan of the show so it is very hard to keep my cool and not talk about it."

Asked about her new novel Asking for A Friend, she says, "It's based on bits of me and the three friends are versions of me. I have borrowed from me, but there are a few exes in there. If you play with fire you end up in a book!"

Talking about the actual writing the book, she says, "I thought it would take me a month. I was quite cocky about the whole thing. It actually took two and a half years. I was doing other things, but it was basically nagging me for that entire time."

Tom performs No Hole In My Heart live in the studio.

And finally, Graham pulls the lever on James who volunteers to sit in the Big Red Chair on behalf of audience members telling their funniest stories from the comfort of their own home.

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Friday 29th January 2021
45 minutes


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