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Series 20, Episode 7 - Rosamund Pike, Michael McIntyre, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Coldplay

Chris Martin reveals that Beyoncé turned him down once, Rosamund Pike confesses to a love of trance techno music, Michael McIntyre talks about his new show and Andrew Lloyd Webber says what he thinks of Donald Trump.

Further details

Chris Martin, talking about collaborating with Beyoncé on his new album, reveals she turned him down the first time he asked, "We've been to her before and were politely shown the door. I had a tiny idea for a little song and when I asked her if she wanted to do it she said no. We then went to her with a more real song with Hymn for the Weekend and she was very sweet and sang it."

Talking about his habit of dancing while playing the piano, he says, "You should dance like no one is watching and I do that even when everyone is watching! That's how I think you should be in life - you have to go for it and accept that you might look a bit silly but you've got to be taken over by the passion of things."

Asked more about the album, he says, "It's a way of looking at the world in a more optimistic manner. It's not saying everything is great all the time, it's more about understanding what has happened to you and not be depressed."

Rosamund Pike, revealing her love of trance techno music, says, "It's possibly not something people would expect of me, but it's a good way out of my own thinking space. When I finished the Gone Girl press tour, which was quite a commitment, I was in New York, eight months pregnant and heard about a morning rave and I thought, 'That has my name on it.' I was out with friends the night before and they were really up for it. Come 6am I'm ready and waiting and I'm the only one there. I thought either I can go home or I can just do this on my own. So I went in with the bump and it was just fantastic. When the baby was born there were no lullabies just deep house!"

Talking about a rather bizarre date she had a few years ago, she says, "I was in Madame de Sade with Judi Dench and a man wrote to me asking me out to dinner. Judi insisted we look him up on the Internet and then said I should definitely go out with him. You do not say no to Judi so I went to dinner with him and when I told him we had looked him up, he said, 'I expect you read about the body that washed up on the beach near my house. It wasn't anything to do with me!' You have some amazing encounters and you have to open yourself up to the stranger dimensions of being in the public eye."

Asked about her unusual preparation her Oscar-nominated role in Gone Girl she says, " I'd never cut anyone's throat so I went to a local butchers and with great determination set about the carcasses with a Stanley knife in full view of customers." And in order to perfect her sex scenes, she says, "I rehearsed with a Dora the Explorer doll in my back yard, probably in full view of the neighbours!"

Michael McIntyre, talking about the return of his TV series Michael McIntyre's Big Show, says, "We didn't know the first series going to work. So when it did work, for this series we have been a bit more ambitious and creative with it and it's even better!

Revealing he is a huge Coldplay fan, Michael says, "Isn't everybody," before serenading the sofa with a medley of songs, impersonating Chris and indeed, Beyoncé.

Andrew Lloyd Webber joins Graham for a chat about his new musical School Of Rock. Talking about the talented children that appear in the show, he says, "Music liberates and empowers children. Teaching arts in school has never been so important."

Talking about the success of his shows, with School of Rock, Cats, Phantom Of The Opera and Sunset Boulevard all set to appear on Broadway at the same time next year, he says, "It will probably only be for one or two weeks, one of them will probably come off. I had three once some time ago and I didn't think it would happen again. It's rather strange."

Asked if he knows President Elect Donald Trump, Andrew says, "If you've been in New York and vaguely in the New York scene, it's quite hard not to know him, he's been around quite a long time!" He wanted to come to the opening of School Of Rock and I managed to persuade him not to come so he didn't upstage the children."

Revealing he's not a fan of Trump's, he says, "I think what he as been saying and doing at the rallies has been shocking and along with a lot of other Brit composers, asked him not to use our music but there's not a lot you can do. I don't think he is an idiot and if he surrounds himself with good people we might just be alright. I think we've all got our fingers crossed!"

Coldplay perform Everglow live in the studio.

Broadcast details

Friday 11th November 2016
60 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Andrew Lloyd Webber Guest
Chris Martin (as Coldplay) Guest
Rosamund Pike Guest
Jon Buckland (as Coldplay) Guest
Michael McIntyre Guest
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Christine Rose Writer
Production team
Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Rina Dayalji Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Vicky Taylor Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer


Rosamund Pike's blind date

Chris Martin can hear you when you shout at his gigs, and Rosamund Pike talks about going on a blind date with a fan.

Featuring: Graham Norton, Coldplay, Rosamund Pike, Michael McIntyre.


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