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Series 20, Episode 18 - Tom Hiddleston, Ruth Wilson, Ricky Gervais, Daniel Radcliffe, Joshua McGuire, Tinie Tempah

Tom Hiddleston talks about being teased at Eton, Ruth Wilson reveals why she can't ever star with Eddie Redmayne, Ricky Gervais jokes about celebrities at his gigs, Tinie Tempah talks about his inspiration and his mum, while Daniel Radcliffe and Joshua McGuire talk about performing together.

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Tom Hiddleston, talking about his new movie, Kong; Skull Island, which he describes as, "Planet Earth on steroids," says, "We went to some amazing locations because the director wanted to avoid the CGI look. In Queensland we encountered poisonous snakes and Funnel-web spiders - it was all quite amazing and pretty dangerous."

Asked if it true that he urinated on Tom Hollander during the filming of The Night Manager, he says, "Tom got stung by a jellyfish and he shouted across the beach, 'I say old sport could you come and pee on me?' and I engagingly obliged. I've since read up on it and it don't think it works - it's an old wives' tale."

Talking about one of his first acting roles as a schoolboy at Eton, Tom says, "I was in A Passage to India with Eddie Redmayne, who played the female lead. I on the other hand, played the front leg of the elephant he rode!"

Revealing he also got teased at Eton, he says, "Very soon after I arrived I got the nickname 'Piddle' and the boys made up the rhyme, 'Hiddle Piddle did a widdle in the middle of the night.' My closest friends still call me 'Pid' but it's affectionate now."

Ruth Wilson, revealing she was once almost cast alongside Eddie Redmayne, says "It didn't happen because we both have extraordinary looking faces and apparently they would be too weird looking together on screen. I was told by the producer that our faces are just too odd to be opposite each other in one frame!"

Talking about the speculation that surrounds her love life, she says, "Everyone I work with I am supposedly dating. When I was in The Lone Ranger, I had one scene with Johnny Depp, which was actually filmed with his stand-in, and suddenly the press said I was dating him and I've actually never met him!"

Asked about starring in Hedda Gabler, she says, "It's a modern take on the play - it's very physical and active and I get covered in tomato sauce. It's actually quite wild!"

Talking about a recent performance when an audience member was taken ill, she says, "On Valentine's night a woman fainted. We were in the middle of the play and someone shouted for a doctor and we just froze on stage in our positions. We didn't know what to do. It was so bizarre and made me realise what a ridiculous job I do - there I was on all fours with the house lights up drenched in tomato juice!"

Revealing she is currently working on a screenplay for a BBC drama series about her own family, Ruth says, "It's a mad story - I found out about 10 years ago that my granddad had four wives and never divorced them. They didn't know each other and he had kids with all of them. He was also a spy during the interwar years and wrote spy novels. He was a crazy dude!"

Talking about his upcoming stand-up tour and asked about the seven-year hiatus since the last, Ricky Gervais says, "It just gets pushed back - I have been busy with other things like Derek and The Muppets so I have now put a year aside for the tour."

Asked about the content, he says, "It's more honest than before - I just walk out and start talking. It's organic and confessional. You could spend a year writing it but it would be worthless. I can change it every night - it's like natural selection and evolution with the audience picking the best hour. If they laugh it stays, if they don't it goes. After fifty gigs it works."

Joking about celebrities getting free tickets to his shows, he says, "At one of the last shows I did, Madonna, Paul McCartney and Princes William and Harry were on the guest list. And, once you add a prince to the guest list you also get seven people with guns get in for free - it's unbelievable!"

Revealing an early love of science and nature, Ricky says, "I've always been fascinated and would forage in the woods for stuff. One day when I was about eight, I found a perfect little discarded snakeskin, I picked it up and instantly my older sister was scared of it and told me to put it down. Instead I ran around chasing her. When I was about 15 I was at home with loads of my mates and decided to tease her about how scared she was of snakes and she chose that moment to tell me that I had actually been running around with a used condom!"

Tinie Tempah, talking about his new single - Text From Your Ex - says, "It is inspired by every that happened to me. It's about cheating. I date a lot of girls and sometimes someone sees an awkward text from someone else and it gets you into trouble." Adding, "I think social media makes it sort of more acceptable to cheat."

Ricky interjects, "I've been going out with my girlfriend since before computers!"

Asked about adopting a baby Cheetah in Kenya, he says, "I love animals, but on the flipside, I love taxidermy! It must be something to do with my African roots as I have a zebra and a giraffe in my house." Teased about the ethics of this by Ricky, he adds, "I think they died of the flu!"

Revealing his mum in the audience, Tinie says, "She thinks I have a potty mouth - she's so concerned she's here tonight." Adding, "She keeps messaging me that I should be making more love songs because they are the way to people's hearts. And so, as a result I am working with Seasick Steve on a song called 25 Hundred Roses. Purely because my mum told me to! Maybe one day people will hear it."

Daniel Radcliffe and Joshua McGuire join Graham for a chat about their new play Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead.

Describing the play, Daniel says, "It's as though Shakespeare wrote a mashup of The Truman Show and Groundhog Day. I keep thinking of The Matrix too, but don't expect anything like The Matrix if you come and see the show!"

Asked about working together, Joshua says, "We get on weirdly well." Daniel adds, "I had a thought the other day that if we hated each other this would be a horrible experience."

Tinie interjects, "I have to tell you that this is the best day of my life. You won't believe this but early this morning I saw Ralph Fiennes in a restaurant, so technically I have seen both Harry Potter and Voldemort on the same day. It's the best day ever!"

Talking about dealing with the paparazzi at the stage door, Daniel says, "I worked out that if I wear the same thing over and over again they don't like it."

Ricky interjects, "I don't deal with the stage door at all. I am away in my car while the audience is still clapping!"

And finally, Tinie performs Text From Your Ex live in the studio.

Broadcast details

Friday 17th February 2017
60 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Ricky Gervais Guest
Daniel Radcliffe Guest
Tinie (as Tinie Tempah) Guest
Tom Hiddleston Guest
Ruth Wilson Guest
Joshua McGuire Guest
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Christine Rose Writer
Production team
Nikki Parsons Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Rina Dayalji Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Vicky Taylor Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer


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