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Series 20, Episode 16 - Annette Bening, Andrew Garfield, Harriet Harman, Asa Butterfield, Elbow

Andrew Garfield talks about Mel Gibson; Annette Bening apologies for Donald Trump; Harriet Harman rejects retirement; Asa Butterfield says it's great to be a 'real' actor; and Elbow performs live in the studio.

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Andrew Garfield, talking about his first Oscar nomination for his role in Hacksaw Ridge, says, "It is remarkable, surreal and abstract. I found out while in the canteen eating a tuna salad on a break from rehearsals for Angel's in America at The National. The rehearsal wasn't going well so to find out I had been nominated for best actor felt rather ironic and strange."

Asked whether people warned him off working with Hacksaw Ridge director Mel Gibson, he says, "Of course they did. That was a big thing for me to look at. Obviously you hear things and you read things about a dark patch in his life but for me it was about meeting him. All I knew was that I loved him as an actor and as a filmmaker but I wanted to know the man. I met him and very quickly I felt very comfortable and happy to work with him. We talked about that period of time in his life and it's very evident he has done a lot of healing and come through the dark into the light. He is a wonderful man and I adore him."

Andrew reveals that in preparation for Martin Scorsese's latest movie Silent, in which he plays a Jesuit priest, he, and co stars Adam Driver, spent eight days in a silent retreat in rural Wales, "We spent all that time together and didn't say a word but there was some miming and mouthing of things. It was a beautiful experience but when we got out it was like we had lost our minds. We spent a three-hour car ride in an outpouring of vile language and imagery. There was a lot of giggling and crying too!"

Talking about his first brush with Hollywood, he says, "I was very young and out of my element. Because of the Oscar success of The Social Network I ended up at a party in LA with three of my mates - all tall awkward Englishmen with no connection to that world. The room was full of famous people like Tom Cruise and David Beckham and the four of us just stood in this grand room staring at each other not knowing what to do. We ended up just saying, 'Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb to each other." Adding ironically, "It was the perfect night!'"

Annette Bening, talking about her own Oscar nominations, says, "The awards are very exciting. The first time I went was 26 years ago and all the other actresses up for the award got together beforehand and agreed in secret that whoever won would take the others out for dinner. Whoopi Goldberg won and the day after the awards a huge bouquet arrived from her with a date for the dinner. When we all got together she gave us each of us a Gardenia and a chocolate Oscar."

Talking about Donald Trump, she says, "I respect and support public servants and the people who put themselves up to run our country, especially the Democrats. Right now I also very much applaud the Republicans that are standing up to, and speaking out against, Mr Trump."

On her enduring 25-year marriage to Warren Beatty, Annette says, "I think we are given more credit in Hollywood but there is a lot of divorce everywhere."

Asked whether people thought she was mad to marry him given his reputation as a womaniser, she says, "There were people that said it but not to me and I guess some people thought it!"

Harriet Harman appearing for the first time on a chat show, and asked if she allowed to get drunk as an MP, says, "There were two worlds for me - one was the women's movement, which was so vibrant, and we would come together, plan to change the world, drink a lot and have fun, and then there was parliament, which was not a lot of fun and very hard."

Talking about Theresa May's meeting with Donald Trump in Washington, Harriet says, "She has got to look like a strong prime minister of a strong self-confident country and not look like she's begging for a trade deal on any terms. She needs to stand up for herself and our country. That's why that handholding thing was so disastrous because it looked like he was leading her along. There are all sorts of rumours as to why he did it but I think she should have had in her briefing, 'This man is a identified groper - stand well away!'"

Asked if she thinks there is anything May can do to counter the fallout from that meeting, Harriet adds, "She could cancel the state visit." Annette interjects, "I apologise for my entire nation!"

Harriet, asked if her book, which charts the ups and downs of her career as the UK's longest serving female MP, marks a move towards retirement, says, "Not at all. There is a thing about women and their age. When you are much younger in politics it's like you're pretty, a bit flakey and not to be taken seriously, whereas a young man will be regarded as thrusting, with a lot of promise for the future and in his prime. When you have children women are considered write-offs, whereas men are regarded as having a family and reassuringly virile. And then, when they are older men are considered wise and attractive and women just past it! When is our prime? I am having my prime now!"

Asa Butterfield, talking about Hollywood, says, "I go to parties. They let me in but I can't drink in the States. It's a bore but I am almost 20 so it's just a year and a little bit to go!"

And on breaking free from the constraints of being a child actor for his new role The Space Between Us, he says, "It was great - there were no tutors and I wasn't in school. I was a real actor!" Revealing that he now lives on his own, he says, "I have my own place and I can cook. I do have an unfortunate amount of takeaways but I am amazing at cooking beans on toast!"

Elbow performs Magnificent (She Says) live in the studio before Guy Garvie joins Graham for a chat.

Broadcast details

Friday 3rd February 2017
60 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Andrew Garfield Guest
Annette Bening Guest
Harriet Harman (as Harriet Harman MP) Guest
Asa Butterfield Guest
Guy Garvey (as Elbow) Guest
Craig Potter (as Elbow) Band
Mark Potter (as Elbow) Band
Pete Turner (as Elbow) Band
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Christine Rose Writer
Production team
Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Rina Dayalji Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Vicky Taylor Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer


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