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Series 18, Episode 8 - Tom Hanks, Peter Capaldi, David Walliams, Duran Duran

Tom Hanks talks about Woody's run in with Disney lawyers, Peter Capaldi says Doctor Who needs a new companion, David Walliams reveals his latest book was inspired by his son, and Duran Duran performs live in the studio.

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Tom Hanks, talking about the grey hair and moustache he is sporting for his upcoming role in Miracle on the Hudson, says, "I was in a restaurant the other day and two people stopped by the table, the first said, 'Mr. Hanks, have you coloured your hair for a role?' and I said, 'Yes, yes I have.' And another woman said, "Mr. Hanks, have you stopped colouring your hair for a role?' And I thought, 'get her out of here!'"

Asked more about fans' reaction to him and what they say to him in the street, he says, "It used to be 'Houston, we have a problem,' then it was, 'Run Forrest run,' now people just shout 'WILSON!!!' It's the same everywhere - Wilson is universal."

Talking about his new film, Bridge of Spies and his co-star Mark Rylance, Tom says, "That man is destined for great things. In the US we had all known of him but people would say, 'Have you heard about Mark Rylance? He refuses to do films. He would rather work eight times a week saying the same story over and over again rather than show up every now and again and mumble a few things into a camera.' They couldn't quite get him," adding, "He is magnificent."

Asked about Toy Story, Tom says, "It's really hard work - honestly. Woody is very tense and the recording sessions go on for four or five hours so I always come out of a session with my diaphragm having had a workout. It is exhausting.

"We are working on Toy Story 4 right now. A while ago someone stuck a microphone in my face and asked if there was going to be a new film and I said yes and I then got a call from the Disney lawyers who said I couldn't say anything about the new film because it affects the Disney stock market price. I said, 'Hey, I'm sorry but let me point out, I am Woody, pal!'"

Peter Capaldi, asked how is coping with the fame that comes with being Doctor Who, he says, "It's lovely. The Doctor is a magical figure and exists more powerfully in the imagination than he does on screen so when fans see you in the street, and not looking too cosmic with a shopping bag and milk, they still see Doctor Who and they scream. Kids throw their arms around you because they see the character - it is delightful."

Asked about fans taking selfies with him, he says, "I don't mind giving autographs but sometimes they end up on eBay for 20 quid soon after and that's not quite the spirit of the thing. But a selfie is lovely as it's a token of the moment," adding, "Sometimes you see someone on the fringes with a phone who you think wants a selfie and that you should ask them. Then unfortunately sometimes you do ask them and they say 'No!'"

Talking about being injured on the set of Doctor Who, Peter says, "I hurt the meniscus membrane in my knee, which is something that happens when you chase after monsters apparently. When I got the role I took Matt Smith out for lunch to ask his advice and he showed up on crutches. When I asked him what happened, he said, 'This show mate, this show!' and I thought, 'Oh God, he's about 100 years younger than I am, I don't know if I am going to survive it!' In fact I ended up with the exact same injury, which must be something to do with running down a corridor and swiveling around at the end for your close up!"

Asked about the next episode of Doctor Who, Peter says, "It's a sad one, gripping and very strange. And it's the end of the line for Clara Oswald played by Jenna Coleman who's been my companion for the last two years. It's the end of her story. I don't want to go into the details of it, but it's sad." Asked if she might come back, Peter says mysteriously, "Sometimes people can't come back. Sometimes things happen that they can't come back from."

Talking more about Genna, he says, "She was there at the beginning and showed me around the TARDIS and showed me the ropes. Doctor Who is a wonderful show but it is a big juggernaut and it's nice to have someone who has already been there for a few years to compare notes with when things get a bit rough."

Asked if he has a new assistant, he says, "I might have. I need a new companion." Asked if Maisie Williams is in the frame, he says, "I can't answer questions like that but Maisie is fantastic, she's been in Game of Thrones since she was 12 and is very assured. I was doing a shot with her and when they called 'action' she slightly pulled me back. When I asked her what she was doing she said, 'You were in my light.' But she is lovely.

"She is 18 and speaks a whole different language and she's taught me a lot of new cool things to say like 'Ape' which means 'great,' so it's the new 'sick,' which has taken over from 'wicked.' Jenna recently said that Maisie made her feel old and I said, 'Welcome to my world.'"

Talking about the possibility of him directing again after winning an Oscar for his short movie twenty years ago, he says, "Possibly, eventually. The trouble with directing is that it takes up so much time and I really like acting. You can do an acting job in three months whereas a film can take a couple of years, so eventually I might do something as long as I can keep it contained." David Walliams interjects, "You won an Oscar with your first film so I would quit while you are ahead!"

David, talking about appearing as an alien in a previous series of Doctor Who, says, "I get more autograph requests for that than for anything else. All I get sent is 'Top Trumps' cards with my face on it to sign."

On his writing success, David says, "I'm working on more because my publisher wants more! I'm actually writing all the time and I love it. Writing for children means the only limits are your own imagination." Asked if his son had inspired his latest book, The Bear Who Went Boo, he says, "He does say 'Boo!' a lot so I wrote it for him."

Talking about his Channel swimming experience, he says, "Recently an elderly lady came up to me and said, 'We've got something in common. We've both swum the Channel.' I said, 'Congratulations, that's amazing. How did you find it? Cold?' and she said, 'No I didn't do mine in the sea, I did mine in the swimming pool.' So I said, 'Oh, right so you swam 20 miles over the course of a day in a pool.' And she said, 'No, I did it over a series of weeks.' All I could say was, 'Well, we've both been swimming!'"

Duran Duran performs What Are The Chances On My Mind live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat.

Talking about his original reluctance to collaborate with other singer songwriters on their new album, Simon Le Bon says "I had been holding on to the microphone for 30 years and had no intention of becoming one of the backing vocals but I decided to relax and let go."


This episode was broadcast later than its 10:40pm scheduled time due to extended news coverage.

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Friday 20th November 2015
50 minutes

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Peter Capaldi Guest
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Nick Rhodes (as Duran Duran) Guest
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Roger Taylor (as Duran Duran) Guest
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Dan Gaster Writer
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Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
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Pete Snell Producer
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Tom Hanks talks about being the voice of Woody

Tom Hanks reveals that he is working on Toy Story 4.

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