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Series 13, Episode 13 - Sandra Bullock, Samuel L Jackson, Nick Frost, Jake Bugg

Sandra Bullock talks about being naked, Samuel L Jackson says he dislikes sex scenes, Nick Frost says he hates wearing clothes, and Jake Bugg performs live in the studio.

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Sandra Bullock, talking about Melissa McCarthy, her co-star in the new cop buddy comedy, The Heat, says, "We are so hot in the movie - I wouldn't call it sexual, but we are oozing something that is very dynamic." Asked if they were friends before the film, she says, "We didn't know each other before, but it was one of those special things that happened. We are proper, proper friends now."

Talking about the improvised scenes in the movie she says, "When we were funny, it was the writers and when we thought we were funny, it was improvisation!"

Revealing there was no improvisation involved in one particular scene in Practical Magic, she says there was real alcohol involved, "Nicole (Kidman) got the Tequila and between us, and the director, we pretty much downed it. I don't think any of that scene really works with us drunk and it really had to be cut down," adding jokingly, "Nicole is an enabler!"

On beating Meryl Streep to an Oscar in 2010, she says, "It's not competitive amongst actors, it's the studios." And, on the mock rivalry and famous kiss between the actresses, she says, "Why wouldn't you want to kiss Meryl? But, she was egging me on the entire time, she sent me some dead flowers with a note that said 'Die bitch' so from that moment on there were no holds barred and I had to take her down. I thought I would kill her with a kiss."

Talking about working with George Clooney in the upcoming movie Gravity, Sandra is asked by Samuel L Jackson "Is George as hot as he thinks he is?" to which she responds, "Yes, yes he is. He is the hottest man I have ever met."

On being naked in movies and the famous nude scene with Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal, she says "There is nothing funnier that two naked bodies slapping together. There's nothing sexy about it at all. It's funny. It's not intimate or sensual. I am sure for Ryan seeing me coming out naked at that speed was a little scary. I don't do naked for sexy. Naked only works for me in the funny."

Samuel interjects, "I hate nude scenes, you have to ask where it's okay to touch and where it's not okay to touch and then you have to apologise for getting excited or for not getting excited. I'm sorry if I do and I'm sorry if I don't. It's a weird conversation to have."

Samuel L Jackson, on being famously rude to people, says, "I hang around online, especially when people are talking about movies. I'm not like most actors - I read my reviews. I go through the reviews and the comments and then I find the website and bust in on it and start saying stuff about the movie. Eventually they get it's me and are like, 'Oh, my god, it's him!' I go off on people."

And on his online spat with A O Scott, the New York Times critic, about The Avengers, Samuel says "He started saying how horrible it was and comparing it to Rio Bravo and I was like, 'Dude, it's not high cinema, we're having fun.' He said something bad, I said something bad, the critics got on his side and my 2.5 million Twitter followers jumped on him. But, apparently we won, because the movie made billions of dollars!"

Talking about another of his cult B-movies, Snakes on a Plane, he says, "I stand by that movie steadfastly because I had a great time making it. It was the kind of movie I would have gone to see as a kid. I loved it and still watch it. I'd do Snake on a Plane 2 and 3!"

On never having won an Oscar, he says, "It's never an honour just to be nominated. Who cares? No one remembers. I remember because I think I should have won." Reminded that he doesn't bother with the fake smiling and clapping at the awards ceremony, he says, "That true. I said 'ah, s **t' when I didn't win. It just came out. You kind of reach a point where you know you are not going to win but there's that moment when they call your name and you think, 'Maybe they're going to get it right this time.'"

Talking about appearing in some of the biggest film franchises, he reveals he wants to be in the next Star Wars movie, "A Jedi can fall from a great height and live with one hand. Obi-Wan Kenobi was hanging around as a shimmering thing for a long time. I could handle it," and confirming he will appear in the next Avengers' film, he says "I'll be here in the UK next year shooting the film."

Nick Frost, talking about having to wear a skin-tight suit during production of the motion-capture movie Tintin, says: "It's fine to wear if you look like Daniel Craig, but if you're me, and you have to stand next to Daniel Craig who looks like a beautiful silk bag that's swallowed a xylophone, and you look like a dinosaur's egg it's not a great thing," adding, "I like my body, but I don't like wearing clothes, they don't sit nicely on me and I hate wearing jeans. I should invest in a Kaftan or I'm thinking about a denim onesie."

Revealing why he had to return to his job in a restaurant after the first series of Spaced, Nick says, "Because no one had given me that much money before so I blew it all in six weeks and had to go back to waitering. I've learnt a very important lesson - put a bit aside!"

Jake Bugg performs Broken live in the studio, before joining Graham for a chat.

Broadcast details

Friday 28th June 2013
50 minutes

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Regular cast
Graham Norton Host / Presenter
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Sandra Bullock Guest
Samuel L. Jackson Guest
Nick Frost Guest
Jake Bugg Guest
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Rob Colley Writer
Dan Gaster Writer
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Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Mike Altman Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Alan Thorpe Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer


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