Goodnight Sweetheart. Image shows from L to R: Yvonne Sparrow (Emma Amos), Gary Sparrow (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Phoebe Sparrow (Elizabeth Carling). Copyright: Alomo Productions / BBC.

Goodnight Sweetheart

BBC One sitcom about a time traveller. 59 episodes (6 series), 1993 - 2016. Stars Nicholas Lyndhurst, Dervla Kirwan, Elizabeth Carling, Michelle Holmes and others.

Series 5

1. A Room With A View

First broadcast: Monday 23rd February 1998

A wartime bomb blows Gary back into the present, but what is worse is that his son, Michael, is transported too. Is Michael another time-traveller? And how is Gary going to explain him to Yvonne?


2. London Pride

First broadcast: Monday 2nd March 1998

Phoebe finds living in the West End difficult, though Noel Coward does his best to help. Yvonne puts Gary on the guest list for a Downing Street party.


3. When Two Worlds Collide

First broadcast: Monday 9th March 1998

When a bomb falls on Ducketts Passage, Gary goes exploring - and is horrified to find Phoebe following him into the shop. Has his double life finally been exposed?


4. Mairzy Doats

First broadcast: Monday 16th March 1998

To Ron, the past is an adventure playground. But his attempts to play James Bond put Gary in danger.


5. Pennies From Heaven

First broadcast: Monday 23rd March 1998

With a financial crisis looming, Gary has to do what he promised he would never do - interfere with history. But history bites back.


6. We Don't Want To Lose You...

First broadcast: Monday 30th March 1998

Gary's false wartime identity finally catches up with him.


7. ... But We Think You Have To Go

First broadcast: Monday 6th April 1998

Alone in wartime France, Gary has to deal with a nasty Nazi, a friendly resistance fighter, and the fact that his double has plans to take his place in London.


8. Have You Ever Seen A Dream Walking

First broadcast: Monday 13th April 1998

Phoebe's in the present, Yvonne is in the past, and when they meet in the middle, the sparks really begin to fly. Gary is convinced that he is losing his mind, and no one seems able to help him find it.


9. Love The One You're With

First broadcast: Monday 20th April 1998

When he hears a wartime story, Gary is forced to rethink his vow never to change history.


10. My Heart Belongs To Daddy

First broadcast: Monday 27th April 1998

When Gary's past catches up with his present, he wonders what, if anything, might lie in his and Phoebe's future.


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