Goodnight Sweetheart. Image shows from L to R: Yvonne Sparrow (Emma Amos), Gary Sparrow (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Phoebe Sparrow (Elizabeth Carling). Copyright: Alomo Productions / BBC.

Goodnight Sweetheart

BBC One sitcom about a time traveller. 59 episodes (6 series), 1993 - 2016. Stars Nicholas Lyndhurst, Dervla Kirwan, Elizabeth Carling, Michelle Holmes and others.

Series 1

1. Rites Of Passage

First broadcast: Thursday 18th November 1993

TV repair man Gary's search for a customer takes him over fifty years further than he intended. Or could it all be a dream? Finding himself in 1940s Britain, with the bombs raining around him, Gary soon discovers that he can handily walk between the present and the past. Unfortunately, this new-found gift sees him torn not only between two periods, but two lovers.


2. Fools Rush In

First broadcast: Thursday 25th November 1993

Gary may refuse to buy himself a suit for an interview in 1993 - but he can hardly take Phoebe to a 1940 dance in sweatshirt and trainers.


3. Is Your Journey Really Necessary?

First broadcast: Thursday 2nd December 1993

Time-travelling Gary returns to 1940 to try to protect Phoebe and Eric from an impending air raid.

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4. The More I See You

First broadcast: Thursday 9th December 1993

Ron agrees to print identity papers for Gary's return to 1940 at a price - he wants to go back in time with him. But where can Phoebe go now that she wants to leave the pub and her aunt's house has been bombed?


5. I Get Along Without You Very Well

First broadcast: Thursday 16th December 1993

Yvonne decides to spend more time with Gary, now that he's given up his 1940s obsession.

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6. In The Mood

First broadcast: Thursday 23rd December 1993

Yvonne delivers an ultimatum to Gary, but Ron makes him an offer he can't refuse. Will he return to 1940, and if he does, will he ever come back to the 1990s?


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