Good Night And God Bless. Image shows from L to R: Ronnie Kemp (Donald Churchill), Celia (Judy Loe), Geoffrey (James Cossins). Copyright: Central Independent Television.

Good Night And God Bless

ITV sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1983. Stars Donald Churchill, Judy Loe, James Cossins, Rowena Cooper, Nick Stringer and Tracey Perry.

Series 1

1. Treachery Begins At Home

First broadcast: Tuesday 12th April 1983

Ronnie wonders how his ex-wife, Audrey, seems to know all about his financial affairs. He suspects that his new father-in-law, Geoffrey, is somehow responsible for leaking information her way...


2. Little Green Eyed Monster

First broadcast: Tuesday 19th April 1983

While he is away compering a sportswear fashion show, Ronnie suspects that his beautiful young wife, Celia, is cheating on him with their odd-job man, Frank. He decides to return home in the middle of the night - unannounced!


3. Did You Hear The One About ...

First broadcast: Tuesday 26th April 1983

Ronnie wishes he hadn't checked his horoscope as it predicts domestic trouble and career problems. As his boss has already advised him to get better jokes for his quiz show, there's just the question of what awaits him at home.


4. The Grand Illusion

First broadcast: Tuesday 3rd May 1983

When he is asked to appear in a commercial with a beautiful French film star, Ronnie arrives at the studio completely star-struck.


5. Ronnie's Wonderful Day

First broadcast: Tuesday 10th May 1983

After hearing that his ex-wife, Audrey, is about to re-marry, Ronnie sees the burden of alimony being lifted and, totally out of character, decides to shower Celia and Geoffrey with money.


6. You Won't Feel A Thing

First broadcast: Tuesday 17th May 1983

A minor operation turns in to a major drama for Ronnie when he has to go in to hospital overnight. In the event of his not coming through the operation, he leaves farewell messages and final instructions for everyone.