Going Straight. Norman Stanley Fletcher (Ronnie Barker). Copyright: BBC.

Going Straight

BBC One sitcom sequel to Porridge. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1978. Stars Ronnie Barker, Richard Beckinsale, Patricia Brake and Nicholas Lyndhurst.

Series 1

1. Going Home

First broadcast: Friday 24th February 1978

Norman Stanley Fletcher is out of prison and determined to go straight but no-one seems to believe him. Certainly not senior prison officer Mackay who he ends up sharing the train home with. And as normal for Fletch, temptation and trouble are never far away.

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2. Going To Be Alright

First broadcast: Friday 3rd March 1978

Fletcher pays his first visit to his parole officer to break bad news about his domestic circumstances: when he gets home he's surprised to discover eldest daughter Ingrid has taken up with his old cellmate Godber and son Raymond barely speaks to him. But even these woes can't keep Fletcher's mind from getting to his buried nest egg.

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3. Going Sour

First broadcast: Friday 10th March 1978

Rescuing a damsel in distress is just the thing to raise Fletcher's spirits. But when the damsel in question is a teenage runaway who can't stop herself stealing, Fletch's faith in human nature is likely to take a severe battering.

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4. Going To Work

First broadcast: Friday 17th March 1978

Fletcher's parole officer finds him a job at a hotel, but first night nerves lead to harsh words at home and the result is Fletch in the pub in his carpet slippers. It's down to Godber to make sure Fletch doesn't blow his new job before it's even begun.

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5. Going Going Gone

First broadcast: Friday 31st March 1978

First pay packet, some light police baiting and the potential to foil a crime right under his nose. Life is busy for our Fletch. But things are rarely what they seem and Fletch's journey on the straight and narrow may be about to be cut short.

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6. Going Off The Rails

First broadcast: Friday 7th April 1978

Ingrid's wedding is almost here and everyone other than Fletcher is contributing. Damaged pride leads to bad decisions and the temptation of a big job. As best man and father of the bride he needs to get to the wedding on time, but only his conscience stands between him and complete disaster.

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