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Go Jetters

CBeebies sitcom teaching children about geography. 155 episodes (3 series), 2015 - 2021. Stars John Hasler, Tommie Earl Jenkins, Akie Kotabe, Syrus Lowe and others.

Series 2, Episode 33 is repeated tomorrow at 7:45am.

Series 3, Episode 11 - Tulip Fields, Netherlands

Flower power! Foz and Xuli race to stop a runaway harvester destroying a tulip field.

Further details

Xuli and Foz are in the Vroomster - but this time Foz is at the controls on a flying lesson. The pair have a rough landing in a tulip field in the Netherlands. Luckily the Vroomster doesn't have a scratch on it. Foz and Xuli are impressed with the tulip fields. Lars, Kyan and Ubercorn join over comms - it reminds Kyan of a rainbow! They all plan to meet up at the Flower Parade later.

Meanwhile Glitch is in a nearby barn, instructing the Grimbots to fetch more tulips for a giant float which looks just like Glitch! Xuli and Foz spot a Grimbot driving a harvester, which is tearing up tons of tulips and rush to the Vroomster to stop it. Xuli flies the Vroomster to the harvester and Foz jumps aboard. The Grimbot insists he has permission to cut all the flowers but Foz doesn't believe it and tries to wrestle the steering wheel from the Grimbot.

Xuli heads to the barn and discovers Glitch, Tala and Johan the flower farmer happily assembling Glitch's statue. It turns out Johan has given permission for Glitch and Tala to use the flowers to build their float - whoops! There isn't a Glitch after all and the Go Jetters have made a mistake.

Foz spots a big button in the harvester. He leans in to push it, the Grimbot notices at the last second and tries to stop him but it's too late. Foz presses the button, and both Foz and the Grimbot are ejected from the harvester and fall into a mud pile - they're stuck fast! Xuli, Tala and Glitch have run out of the barn to see the driverless harvester coming straight towards them. Xuli calls up Click Ons for her and Tala - they use G.O shield to redirect the harvester to stop it crashing into the barn. It works - but now the harvester is on course to hit the greenhouses! Xuli and Tala turn to see Glitch appear from out of the Grimbler - he has his Grim Mag on, ready to save the day. But Glitch is pulled towards the metal harvester and Xuli is dragged with them too - Grimbles!

Foz manages to free himself from the mud and flies the Vroomster to catch up with the harvester, Glitch and Xuli. After a few failed attempts Foz manages to nudge the harvester off course and away from the greenhouse; the workers are safe. But now the out of control machine is heading towards some Grimbots which are still stuck in the mud. Tala drives the float between the Grimbots and the harvester, ready to sacrifice her hard work to save her Uncle's precious Grimbots. Foz summons all his new found flying skills and manages to lift the harvester; freeing Xuli and Glitch and saving the flower float in the nick of time. With everyone saved they head to the flower parade where Foz puts his new-found driving skills to good use by driving Tala and Glitch's beautiful float.

Broadcast details

Monday 9th September 2019
10 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
John Hasler Various (Voice)
Tommie Earl Jenkins Various (Voice)
Akie Kotabe Various (Voice)
Syrus Lowe Various (Voice)
Naomi McDonald Various (Voice)
Pilar Orti Various (Voice)
Marc Silk Various (Voice)
Tala Gouveia Various (Voice)
Writing team
Elaine McElroy Script Editor
Diggy Hicks-Little Writer
Production team
Matthew Tea (as Matt Tea) Director
Angela Russell Producer
Tony Reed Executive Producer
Henrietta Hurford-Jones Executive Producer

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