George And The Dragon. Image shows from L to R: George Russell (Sid James), Gabrielle Dragon (Peggy Mount). Copyright: Associated Television.

George And The Dragon

ITV sitcom about a chauffeur and a housekeeper. 26 episodes (4 series), 1966 - 1968. Stars Sid James, Peggy Mount, John Le Mesurier and Keith Marsh.


George demonstrates his home-made TV set

George: "Right, BBC it is. That's 365 degrees Fahrenheit."

Gabrielle: "I beg your pardon?"

George: "360 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gabrielle stares in confusion

George: "Well, oh, my channel selector knob wouldn't work so I swapped it with the cooker, you see? ITV is 210 degrees, and BBC 2 is 'simmer'."

Gabrielle: "Oh. And what do I do with the Sunday joint, put it in the oven for 2 hours on Channel 9?!"

in Series 3, Episode 3
George prepares to try 'Pharoah's Face Pack'

[Reading face pack instructions] '10 minutes can make you look 10 years younger.'

He examines his face in the mirror

I'll give it a couple of hours, I think.

George Russell (Sid James) in Series 2, Episode 2
Gabrielle resolves to get George to church

Gabrielle: "I think it's high-time George Russell saw the inside of a church."

Colonel Maynard: "Well that's very commendable my dear, but you don't stand a chance. Unless you either marry him or shoot him."

in Series 2, Episode 2
Gabrielle refutes the theory of evolution

Gabrielle: "No, George, whatever you say, I cannot believe we come from apes."

Ralph: [Walks into room] "Morning."

Gabrielle: "On the other hand..."

in Series 1, Episode 5