The Gemma Factor. Gemma (Anna Gilthorpe). Copyright: Freeform Productions.

The Gemma Factor

BBC Three sitcom about fame. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2010. Stars Anna Gilthorpe, Ross Adams, Emma Kearney, Angus Barnett and others.


AKA: Gemma Collinge.  Played by: Anna Gilthorpe
The Gemma Factor. Gemma (Anna Gilthorpe). Copyright: Freeform Productions.

Gemma Collinge has only one ambition - to be famous by the time she's 21 - and the clock is ticking. Living in a tiny backwater Yorkshire village, Gemma dreams of escaping to the Big Smoke for the bright lights and all its trappings - soon.


Played by: Ross Adams
The Gemma Factor. Jeff (Ross Adams). Copyright: Freeform Productions.

Jeff is Gemma's best friend. He is very camp.


Played by: Emma Kearney
The Gemma Factor. Janet (Emma Kearney). Copyright: Freeform Productions.

Janet is Kenny's scheming wife. She also works alongside Kenny in his talent agency as his assistant... but actually she's the one who is probably really in charge of the direction of the business.


AKA: Kenny Grantham.  Played by: Angus Barnett
The Gemma Factor. Kenny (Angus Barnett). Copyright: Freeform Productions.

Kenny Grantham is a dodgy talent agent. He has a criminal record for allegedly selling a panto dancer into the white slave trade.


Played by: Gwyneth Powell
The Gemma Factor. Nana (Gwyneth Powell). Copyright: Freeform Productions.

Nana is Gemma's no-nonsense Grandmother. Gemma lives with her.


Played by: Hannah Kew
The Gemma Factor. Nell (Hannah Kew). Copyright: Freeform Productions.

Nell is Gemma's level-headed workmate. Nell is keen on charity work.


Played by: Claire King
The Gemma Factor. Betty (Claire King). Copyright: Freeform Productions.

Betty is Jeff's mum. Betty, who owns a clothes shop, is looking to try and romance anyone she can.


Played by: Tony Pitts
The Gemma Factor. Ted (Tony Pitts). Copyright: Freeform Productions.

Ted is the owner of the local cafe. He has very strong OCD which means everything in his shop has to be spotless. It also means he comes across a bit weird.


Played by: Philip McGinley
The Gemma Factor. Keiran (Philip McGinley). Copyright: Freeform Productions.

Handsome copper Kieran is in love with Gemma... but has she realised?


Played by: Adam Gillen
The Gemma Factor. Lee (Adam Gillen). Copyright: Freeform Productions.

Lee is a Community Support Officer. He is Kieran's awkward crime-fighting skateboarding sidekick.


The Gemma Factor. Dom (Ashley Taylor-Rhys). Copyright: Freeform Productions.

Dom is the loitering musician who has caught Nell's eye. After she builds up the courage to ask him out they have a brief relationship - but it doesn't end well.