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Lara Ricote & Samuel Bottomley star in Comedy Blap pilot Break Clause

Tuesday 25th June 2024, 3:47pm

Break Clause. Image shows left to right: Lil (Lara Ricote), Ben (Samuel Bottomley)

Lara Ricote and Samuel Bottomley will play a couple who break up but have to keep living together in Channel 4 Comedy Blap pilot Break Clause.

The 15 minute short, which has been written by Jess Bray (The Outlaws) and directed by Alice Snedden (Starstruck), is labelled as "classic love story territory".

The plot is described as follows: "Boy meets girl. Girl gets job in the city. Boy and girl break up on the first night of moving in together and find themselves stuck in a legally binding contract they can only end after a fixed term period of six months - you know, real Jane Austen stuff. This is the true cost of loving in a cost of living crisis..."

Samuel Bottomley is probably best known to comedy fans for playing Ralph in Ladhood, meanwhile stand-up comic Lara Ricote won Best Newcomer at the 2022 Edinburgh Festival. The duo are joined on screen by Lauryn Ajufo, Leo Reich and Jamali Maddix.

The pilot, made by BBC Studios, will be released on Channel 4's streaming platforms later this year.

Toads, a Comedy Blap pilot from Amy Gledhill, was released yesterday. As previously revealed, Blaps pilots from Josh Pugh and Ola Labib are also in the works.

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