Mervin, Fat Ed and Lapeno from Fur TV
Fur TV

Fur TV

  • TV sitcom
  • MTV
  • 2004 - 2008
  • 7 episodes (1 series)

Adult puppet sitcom set in the fictional world of Furry Avenue, a place where puppets and humans live side by side. Was piloted in 2004 on BBC2, before being made into a full series by MTV. Stars Henry Trotter and Chris Waitt.

Key cast & crew credits

Henry Trotter LapeƱo Enriquez (Voice) (Series 1)
Chris Waitt Mervin J. Minky (Voice) (Series 1)
Writing team
Henry Trotter Writer (Series 1)
Chris Waitt Writer (Series 1)
Production team
Henry Trotter Director (Series 1)
Chris Waitt Director (Series 1)
Jemma Rodgers Producer (Series 1)
Henry Trotter Creator (Series 1)
Chris Waitt Creator (Series 1)
Heather Jones Commissioner (Series 1)

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