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Friday Night Dinner. Image shows from L to R: Jonny (Tom Rosenthal), Adam (Simon Bird), Jackie (Tamsin Greig), Jonny (Tom Rosenthal). Copyright: Popper Pictures / Big Talk Productions.

Friday Night Dinner

Channel 4 sitcom about a dysfunctional family. 25 episodes (4 series), 2011 - 2016. Stars Simon Bird, Tom Rosenthal, Paul Ritter, Tamsin Greig and others.

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Press Clippings

It was mainly business as usual on Friday Night Dinner with more calamity for the family who just can't seem to have a quite meal together. This week's comedy of errors saw Paul Ritter's fantastic patriarch invite round his old uni friend to dinner however it later became clear that he'd got mixed up the two Tonys that he went to university with. Instead of inviting round the guy who he had a lot in common with he was lumbered with Jason Watkins' unfunny bore whom he tried to get rid of by telling a rather whopping lie. Just like prior episodes of the sitcom, this episode of Friday Night Dinner played out like a mini-farce which ended with a big gag that I for one didn't find in the least bit amusing. In my opinion Friday Night Dinner is at its best when we just see the family engage in witty interplay as I feel the core cast have developed some fine chemistry over the past four series. However it's when events get too far-fetched that Friday Night Dinner loses its way and after watching the series four opener it feels that Robert Popper's comedy has run out of ideas. The problem with Friday Night Dinner is that the entire premise shackles the characters to the same setting every episode meaning that Popper has to find increasingly outlandish things to happen to the family which just don't ring true.

Matt, The Custard TV, 24th July 2016

Friday Night Dinner returned; it combines slapstick with Jewish subtlety in entirely the wrong mix but sometimes, slowly, works. Jason Watkins lifted this to glory.

Euan Ferguson, The Guardian, 24th July 2016

Review: Friday Night Dinner, C4

There is nothing particularly groundbreaking here. Just a lovely, well-observed, faintly farcical fast-moving storyline as one minor white lie - they claim Jackie's mother has died so that they can cancel dinner and turf Tony out - sends events spiralling out of control.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond the Joke, 23rd July 2016

Friday Night Dinner is back, bambinos

Awkwardness, colossal lies and a nice bit of squirrel. Just a standard Friday Night at the Goodmans'...

Ellie Walker-Arnott, The Radio Times, 22nd July 2016

Robert Popper's superlatively silly comedy is peerless in the way it captures the everyday eccentricity of family life. In this fourth series opener, Goodman family patriarch Martin invites a friend over for dinner, to the rest of the family's dismay. What inevitably follows is a sequence of misunderstandings and backfiring schemes, punctuated - as ever - by umpteen infuriating visits from neighbour Jim.

Rachel Aroesti, The Guardian, 22nd July 2016

Friday Night Dinner to run for eight series?

Simon Bird has told Digital Spy that he thinks the cast and writer Robert Popper could "do the same again". "There's no reason why we couldn't," he said. "I could imagine there being series eight, or series nine, but we'll have to wait and see."

Morgan Jeffrey, Digital Spy, 19th July 2016

Radio Times launches a poll to name the best sitcom since 2000

Radio Times has launched a poll to name the best British TV sitcom broadcast since the year 2000. There are 40 shows in the shortlist.

British Comedy Guide, 19th July 2016

Tamsin Greig on the new series of Friday Night Dinner

"You step over the threshold of your parents' home and you're instantly transported back to your childhood," muses the 50-year-old actress. "Jackie is pushed around by her children because she has an overwhelming need to be wanted by her two sons."

Vicki Power, The Daily Express, 16th July 2016

Friday Night Dinner, Season 3 review

For a show where every episode is pretty much the same (and I don't mean that in a bad way), this is the first season where we start to see a hint of a story arch.

Anglonerd, 8th June 2015

Friday Night Dinner... with Friday Night Dinner!

Fiona Leckerman joins the creator and cast of the hit TV series for lokshen and laughter at JW3.

Fiona Leckerman, Jewish News, 4th June 2015

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