Friday Night Dinner. Image shows from L to R: Jackie (Tamsin Greig), Adam (Simon Bird), Martin (Paul Ritter), Jonny (Tom Rosenthal).

Friday Night Dinner

Channel 4 sitcom about a dysfunctional family. 37 episodes (6 series), 2011 - 2020. Stars Paul Ritter, Tamsin Greig, Simon Bird, Tom Rosenthal and others.

Series 5

Friday Night Dinner. Image shows from L to R: Other Jackie (Rosie Cavaliero), Jim (Mark Heap).

1. The Other Jackie

First broadcast: Friday 4th May 2018

Mum and dad get a hot tub, and Jim brings a date round for a disastrous dinner.

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Friday Night Dinner. Image shows from L to R: Martin (Paul Ritter), Jackie (Tamsin Greig).

2. The Tin Of Meat

First broadcast: Friday 11th May 2018

When mum's best friend Val moves in after rowing with her husband, Dad can't take it anymore. Val keeps tidying up the house and chucking away all his old stuff. Tensions reach boiling point when Val finds a tin of meat with a best before 1996 date that Dad's been keeping in his shed.


Friday Night Dinner. Jackie (Tamsin Greig).

3. The Surprise

First broadcast: Friday 18th May 2018

It's Mum's birthday and she's having a surprise party for 44 guests. Only snag is - she's secretly organised it herself!

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Friday Night Dinner. Martin (Paul Ritter).

4. Lord Luck

First broadcast: Friday 25th May 2018

While clearing up the loft, Dad finds his old, terrifying-looking ventriloquist dummy Lord Luck.

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Friday Night Dinner. Adam (Simon Bird).

5. The Violin

First broadcast: Friday 1st June 2018

Adam arrives home with his old violin. As a special treat Mum has made him agree to play for Grandma, who's coming for dinner. But Adam's not happy - he hasn't played for 12 years and has always hated playing the violin. Jonny is relishing every moment.


Friday Night Dinner. Image shows from L to R: Jonny (Tom Rosenthal), Martin (Paul Ritter), Jackie (Tamsin Greig), Adam (Simon Bird).

6. Wilson

First broadcast: Friday 8th June 2018

The boys are threatened with no crumble if they don't help assemble a wooden shelf for Mum's old books and folders that has baffled Dad. Jonny winds Adam up incessantly about an important call he is expecting from America. Meanwhile, Jim drives them mad as he keeps letting his dog Wilson do his 'dollops' in the flowerbed by Mum and Dad's drive.

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