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Frank Skinner's Opinionated. Frank Skinner. Copyright: Avalon Television
Frank Skinner's Opinionated

Frank Skinner's Opinionated

  • TV chat show
  • BBC Two
  • 2010 - 2011
  • 18 episodes (3 series)

A weekly topical comedy show hosted by Frank Skinner. The comic and his guests unpick arguments in front of an audience. Stars Frank Skinner.


Press clippings

Frank Skinner interview

"Being on radio gives me more courage to try things because if listeners don't laugh, I won't know."

Robert Epstein, The Independent, 13th November 2011

Portrait of the artist: Frank Skinner, comedian

'The Mirror called me a money-grabbing reptile. I could cope with the reptile part, but money-grabbing hurt'

Laura Barnett, The Guardian, 7th November 2011

Frank Skinner interview

Frank Skinner is back with more topical banter from around the country...

Marie-Anne Hamilton, TV Choice, 1st November 2011

Frank Skinner enjoys return to TV... but prefers radio

Frank Skinner says he only does TV to keep his ego happy.

The Daily Express, 21st May 2011

This much I know: Frank Skinner comedian, 54

Interview with Frank Skinner.

Richard Rogers, The Observer, 10th April 2011

Frank Skinner's Opinionated Review

Frank Skinner seems to be having a second wind in career terms. Frank started his television life predominantly as a stand up. He was a quick hit becoming a regular television fixture and the winner of the much respected Perrier award in 1991.

A. Pinter, Comedy Critic, 5th April 2011

Frank Skinner: A tribute to a national treasure

Frank Skinner is back with a new show, Frank Skinner's Opinionated, and it's great to have him back. There's nothing post-modern about his style and he looks like he's been kicked out of the bookies, but as far as I'm concerned Funtime Frankie is a comedy great.

Andrew Woods, Sabotage Times, 26th March 2011

Much has been made of Frank Skinner's "rehabilitation" as a thoughtful talking head, as opposed to the New Lad icon of Fantasy Football, but he was never really that boorish back in the 1990s, and he's by no means so earnestly highbrow nowadays. Few details available, but this six-part run is set to follow the same format as the last, in which Skinner and guest comedians interact with audience members to ruminate amusingly, whimsically and often sharply on the detritus thrown up by current affairs.

David Stubbs, The Guardian, 25th March 2011

The start of a second series for Frank Skinner's topical comedy show, which consists of Frank and two comedians chatting about the week's news.

It must have been a good idea, because ITV almost replicated it (minus comedians) when they enlisted another chap from the West Midlands, Adrian Chiles, to front That Sunday Night Show which finished last month.

Frank's guests this week are Lee Mack and Miranda Hart who have both done the show before and can be relied on to squeeze laughs out of almost anything.

As with all panel shows, the best stuff doesn't come out of the news itself but from all the chat in between - and with world events being a mixture of doom, gloom and apocalypse that's probably just as well.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 25th March 2011

Cultural Life: Frank Skinner, comedian

An interview with the comedian Frank Skinner.

Charlotte Cripps, The Independent, 25th March 2011

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