For Facts Sake. Brendan O'Carroll.

For Facts Sake

BBC One panel show quiz about obscure facts. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2018. Stars Brendan O'Carroll, Danny O'Carroll, Paddy Houlihan, Jennifer Gibney and others.

For Facts Sake. Brendan O'Carroll.

Brendan O'Carroll interview

Some of the stars of Mrs Brown's Boys are involved in For Facts Sake, a BBC One comedy show in which celebrates ordinary people and their extraordinary facts. Host Brendan O'Carroll explains more:

Brendan, can you tell us a little bit about the show?

It's an idea I have had for a long time. I am a fact and trivia nut and one of things about the show that has always interested me is how a false fact often gets more traction than a true one. So I thought that if we could do it like a game night at home, then add the magic ingredient of audience members, we just might have some fun. We did, lots of fun.

Were you nervous stepping out of Mrs Brown's shoes and hosting your own show?

No, not nervous, as I am a stand-up comedian so going in front of the live audience was fantastic. But we record For Facts Sake in the same studio that we record Mrs Browns Boys and it did feel strange walking around the studio without high heels.

Are there any panel show hosts who have inspired you?

Absolutely. Bradley Walsh and Rob Brydon. They have a unique style in that they try not to get in the way of the show, hosting but interjecting with comic stingers when the gaps arise.

How do you think Mrs Brown would do on the show?

Terrible. Agnes thinks the manual labour is the Spanish Ambassador.

Who was the most competitive out of the team captains?

Ha!! Take your pick. We are a competitive family. When playing Trivial Pursuit in our house you need to say the answer exactly as it is on the card.

Did any of the captains surprise you with their general knowledge?


What was the most interesting fact you learnt from the show?

The density of custard.... I love custard, but I had no idea I could build my driveway with it.

Finally, can you tell us an interesting or unusual fact?

Oh my God, where do I start? I have a head full of trivia.

One quarter of all the fresh water in the world is in Canada...

In 1898 The Bayer Asprin Company bought the Trade Mark "Heroin"...

Crayola make enough crayons each year to circle the earth six times...

Earth is at its closest to the sun every January 3rd...

George Washington is the only president to win every electoral vote...


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Published: Tuesday 9th October 2018