Feel The Force. Image shows from L to R: Sally Frank (Rosie Cavaliero), Sally Bobbins (Michelle Gomez), Sergeant Beesley (Leigh Zimmerman). Copyright: Catherine Bailey Productions Limited.

Feel The Force

BBC Two sitcom about two policewomen. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2006. Stars Michelle Gomez, Rosie Cavaliero, Leigh Zimmerman, Jamie Michie and Emun Elliott.

Series 1

1. Murder

First broadcast: Monday 8th May 2006

Frank and Bobbins stumble upon a murder case. Bobbins is determined to prove herself to Beesley and get rid of Frank as her partner.

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2. Joyride

First broadcast: Monday 15th May 2006

Frank and Bobbins are overlooked once again when all the exciting assignments are given out. They miss out on the smuggling case and joyriding case; instead, they are asked to transport a defendant to court.

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3. Wanted

First broadcast: Monday 22nd May 2006

The Most Wanted Man In Scotland is on the loose and in the area. Frank and Bobbins want to be assigned the job of bringing him in, but that goes to their rivals MacBean and MacGregor.

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4. Stakeout

First broadcast: Monday 29th May 2006

Frank and Bobbins are asked to stakeout a baddie's house. They set up camp in an old lady's flat with camera, binoculars and bugging equipment, but quickly become distracted.

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5. Siege

First broadcast: Monday 5th June 2006

Frank and Bobbins get sacked and find jobs standing on the street wearing sandwich boards saying 'golf sale'. While they are standing in the cold, a siege takes place in the block of flats next to them.

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6. Undercover

First broadcast: Monday 12th June 2006

Frank and Bobbins are the only people not allowed to be part of Operation Steel Fist, which is investigating a major drugs ring.

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