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Famalam gives us a glimpse of the latest Nollywood blockbuster, reveals who might be responsible for internet spam and introduces us to the real rulers of the world - spoiler alert - it is not the G20.

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Wednesday 20th September 2017
30 minutes

Cast & crew

Samson Kayo Various
Vivienne Acheampong Various
John MacMillan Various
Tom Moutchi Various
Gbemisola Ikumelo Various
Roxy Sternberg (as Roxanne Sternberg) Various
Guest cast
Akemnji Ndifornyen Ensemble Actor
Emma Pierson Ensemble Actor
Writing team
Ben Caudell Writer
Tom Marshall Writer
Akemnji Ndifornyen Writer
Sophie Duker Writer
Jason Hazeley Writer
Joel Morris Writer
Production team
Tom Marshall Director
Akemnji Ndifornyen Producer
Ben Caudell Executive Producer
Chris Sussman Executive Producer
Gavin Buckley Editor
Charlie Fawcett Editor
Julian Fullalove Production Designer
Jemima Cotter Costume Designer
Ross Marshall Director of Photography
Samuel Karl Bohn Composer
Akemnji Ndifornyen Composer
Susie Munachen Make-up Designer
Matt Bell 1st Assistant Director
Sarah Asante Commissioning Editor
Gregor Sharp Commissioning Editor


Phone Sex with traditional girls

Dave is looking for something a bit different from an adult web cam channel tonight.

Featuring: Samson Kayo.


Famalam: New sketch comedy with funny young actors

It confirmed for me what creative writing students learn at the start of every new term. Write what you know about.

Matt Baylis, The Daily Express, 21st September 2017

I don't think there's been an interesting new sketch show since Cardinal Burns. The genre itself is tired; so that if one is to work, to be original and fresh, it needs something more - sketch plus. CB brought surreality, a glorious bonkersness. What does Famalam have that most others unfortunately don't? Black talent in its cast, that's what, including Tom Moutchi and John Macmillan. And a lot of the subject matter of its sketches is about black Britishness too.

It's hit and miss - of course it is, it's a sketch show. I haven't seen enough Nollywood for pastiche Shola Settles the Score: Part 29 to mean a lot, even though I enjoyed it and it made me want to see more Nigerian cinema.

Sometimes it hits a nerve, like a (laughable) attempt to improve the diversity of Midsomer Murders. And all the black characters getting killed off first in an alien movie. Sometimes it's just hilarious, like Black British History, brought to you by Scribbler P, in a UK garage style. "And this started time ago / when brothers were still in black and white / and places like Jamaica hadn't developed yet / like no Buju, no Sean Paul, no Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, no dancehall full stop ... "

Oh, and I love the real Nigerian prince, who really does have $44m worth of gold bullion, which he really does need to transfer. And yet none of the people he emails believe him, oddly. Poor Nigeria, it gets a bit of a kicking.

Sam Wollaston, The Guardian, 21st September 2017

Preview - Famalam

The latest comedy pilot from BBC Two is a sketch show, which these days is somewhat rare. A sketch show with an all-black cast is even rarer.

Ian Wolf, On The Box, 20th September 2017

One of 12 new comedy pilots commissioned this year by the BBC, Famalam's focus on black British culture will remind over-30s of the much lamented 90s comedy show The Real McCoy. A committed cast, including Vine star Tom Moutchi and John Macmillan, ensure Famalam is frequently fresh and funny (especially the history lessons in a "UK garage stylee"), but it is also hit and miss in that way that sketch shows invariably are.

Ellen E. Jones, The Guardian, 20th September 2017

TV preview: New On Two - Famalam, BBC2

After a lot of fairly trad sitcoms the latest pilot in the BBC's current raft of newbies is a sketch show. And although it is new Famalam feels like it has been around for a while. In both a good and bad way.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 20th September 2017

Famalam: review

After last week's The Other One, this is another promising comedy pilot for BBC Two.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 20th September 2017

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