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Urban Myths: Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon. Michael Jackson (Joseph Fiennes). Copyright: Little Rock
Urban Myths: Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon

Urban Myths: Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon

  • TV comedy drama that was never broadcast
  • Sky Arts
  • 2017
  • 1 episode

One-off comedy about a fictional road trip involving Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando. Stars Joseph Fiennes, Stockard Channing, Brian Cox and Carrie Fisher.


Press clippings

Joseph Fiennes now regrets playing Michael Jackson in a 2016 episode of Urban Myths

Seven years after his controversial portrayal of the late Michael Jackson, Joseph Fiennes admitted taking the role was a 'wrong decision' and a 'bad mistake.

Brian Gallagher, Daily Mail, 13th June 2023

In defence of Sky's white MJ

Art and entertainment must be free to be offensive.

Maren Thom, Spiked, 17th January 2017

Pulling Michael Jackson comedy show sends wrong signal

Satire cannot be constrained by the sensitivities of the few and public figures are, in a way, public property.

Stefan Morkis, The Dundee Courier, 16th January 2017

Sky Arts scraps controversial Michael Jackson show

Sky Arts has said it will now not broadcast Urban Myths: Elizabeth, Michael And Marlon, a one-off show that features a controversial depiction of Michael Jackson.

British Comedy Guide, 13th January 2017

Satire is meant to offend

What a spineless decision by Sky Arts to give in to the Michael Jackson mob.

Rupert Hawksley, The Telegraph, 13th January 2017

Michael Jackson's child offended by use of white actor

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris says she's "incredibly offended" that a white actor has been chosen to play the part of her father in a new TV film.

BBC News, 12th January 2017

Joseph Fiennes is unrecognisable as Michael Jackson

Joseph Fiennes looks completely unrecognisable as Michael Jackson in the new Sky Arts comedy.

The Sun, 11th January 2017

Sky Arts reveals Urban Myths comedy season

Sky Arts is to broadcast a season of comedies featuring fictional stories about well-known cultural figures. Stars of Urban Myths include Katherine Parkinson, David Threlfall, Rupert Grint and Carrie Fisher.

British Comedy Guide, 10th January 2017

Director defends use of white actor as Michael Jackson

Ben Palmer says Joseph Fiennes gives a sweet, nuanced performance in episode of Sky Arts satirical comedy series.

Hannah Ellis-Petersen, The Guardian, 10th January 2017

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