Eddie Izzard: Circle. Eddie Izzard. Copyright: Ella Communications / Line By Line Productions.

Eddie Izzard: Circle

Channel 4 stand-up. 1 episode in 2008. Stars Eddie Izzard.

Press Clippings

Who'd have thought it? Multiple marathon-running hero Eddie Izzard also turns out to be the funniest stand-up comedian on the planet.

Here's a show he performed 10 whole years ago at New York City's Town Hall, a classic set which would also help launch his Hollywood career. It's worth watching for the Darth Vader Death Star canteen routine alone.

Mike Ward, Daily Star, 9th April 2010

Why does Eddie Izzard worry that he's boring?

He's funny, fearless and a film star - so why does Eddie Izzard worry that he's boring?

Christina Patterson, The Independent, 4th December 2009

He may have diversified into straight acting (in The Riches and Valkyrie) and multiple marathon-running, but stand-up is still where Eddie Izzard shines brightest. Recorded in New York in 2000 during the international leg of his Circle tour, he's on fizzingly good form, even if some gags go over his audience's heads: God's wife as an elven queen elicits no response at all. But there are some classic riffs on Popeman and Altarboy, how God created dinosaurs in the image of his cousin Ted, and what would whales sing if they swam at 45rpm rather than 78.

Gill Crawford, Radio Times, 4th December 2009