East Of Ipswich. Image shows from L to R: Mrs. Burrill (Pat Heywood), Mr. Burrill (John Nettleton), Richard Burrill (Edward Rawle-Hicks). Copyright: BBC.

East Of Ipswich

BBC Two comedy drama about a teenage boy discovering sex. 1 episode in 1987. Stars John Nettleton, Pat Heywood, Edward Rawle-Hicks, Allan Cuthbertson and others.

East Of Ipswich

East Of Ipswich

Michael Palin drew on his own memories of family holidays in grey, provincial seaside resorts for this coming of age comedy set in the late 1950s.

Sleepy, ultra-respectable Suffolk might suit his parents, but sitting in deckchairs and visiting local churches is not 17-year-old Richard's idea of fun. In this holiday hell he meets fellow teenager, Edwin - young, good-looking and girl-crazy, and willing to take the naïve Richard under his wing...

Escaping the seaside stalag B&B and its gargoyle of a landlady, as well as the gruesome couple whom his parents have invariably befriended, Richard joins Edwin in a desperate search for excitement in this stuffy coastal town.

Soon, a gorgeous young woman who instantly ignites his imagination, a feisty young Dutch girl and a group of local bikers, make the holiday an eye-opening experience as Richard finally discovers love, lust and the joy of jazz cafés.

First released: Monday 24th August 2009

  • Distributor: 2 Entertain
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 1
  • Minutes: 72
  • Subtitles: English

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  • Released: Thursday 17th November 2016
  • Distributor: BBC Worldwide
  • Minutes: 75