Drunk History. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions
Drunk History

Drunk History

  • TV comedy
  • Comedy Central
  • 2014 - 2017
  • 29 episodes (3 series)

British version of the hit US format in which an inebriated narrator attempts to recount an event from history. Stars Jimmy Carr.

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Series 3, Episode 3

Drunk History. Lady of the Lake (Stephanie Pratt). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions
Russell Kane's legend of King Arthur features Stephanie Pratt as a unique Lady of the Lake, and Iain Stirling's sloshed take on Chariots of Fire sprinter Eric Liddell stars Tom Rosenthal.

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Javone Prince interview

Drunk History. Image shows from L to R: Arthur (Ben Hardy), Mordred (Javone Prince). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions

Javone Prince talks to us about his role in this episode:

Which historical figure do you play?

I play is Mordred, from the legend of King Arthur.

How much did you know about them before taking on this role?

I knew a little bit about the story of King Arthur, because it was always on TV when I was young. I must confess that I never read a book.

So I had an idea of story before I took on the role. I was excited to do it because I enjoyed it as a child. And everybody likes to play with swords!!!!

What was it like having to mime along to the storyteller's words?

At first it was a bit difficult. But enjoyable at the same time, because you have to mime the words of a drunk celebrity trying their best to retell a historical story with slurred words and bit of embellishment, and their interpretation of the characters.

Next time, would you be up for getting drunk and being a storyteller, or is the prospect of a hangover too scary to contemplate?

I wouldn't like to get drunk on television and tell a historical story. I'm not a very good drunk. I always have very bad hangovers the next day and also I can't remember what I did.

Are you interested in history?

I never really paid a lot of attention at school because I thought it was boring, but my favourite subject was History. I loved it because I would imagine that I was there.

If you had a time machine, which time period would you most like to go back to, and why?

I would go back to the beginning of the Second World War, because it seems like there was lots going on in the world at the time. The events that lead to the build-up of the war. I also would be very very scared.

Meanwhile, if you could have a night down the pub with historical figures, who would you invite?

If I had one night in a pub and I had to invite people from history it would have to be Michael Jackson. I'll get him to teach me all his dancing moves. Plus, Malcolm X, Prince, Gene Wilder, and Charlie Chaplin, because he is a genius.

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Wednesday 22nd March 2017
Comedy Central
30 minutes


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Cast & crew

Jimmy Carr Narrator
Guest cast
Mark Davison Merlin
Ben Hardy Arthur
Aisling Bea Guinevere
Stephanie Pratt Lady of the Lake
Ciarán Dowd Lancelot
Javone Prince Mordred
Kadiff Kirwan Knight
Tom Bennett Eric Liddell
Rufus Hound God
Tom Rosenthal Harold Abrahams
Matthew Steer Scipio Africanus "Sam" Mussabini
Adam Foster Journalist
Lucy Middleditch 8 Year old Girl
Russell Kane Self
Iain Stirling Self
Writing team
Dominic English Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Tom McKay Director
Adam Morris 1st Assistant Director
Ben Rogers Producer
Andy Brereton Executive Producer
Louise Holmes Executive Producer
Matt Tiller Executive Producer
Stuart Lutes Editor
Rachel Spann Editor
Jo Sutherland Production Designer
Sally Broome Casting Director
Lucy Williams Costume Designer
Ben Bee Director of Photography
Juliette Tomes Make-up Designer
Nick Murray Willis Animation


Russell Kane does King Arthur

Russell Kane tells the story of King Arthur.

Featuring: Ben Hardy (Arthur), Aisling Bea (Guinevere) & Ciarán Dowd (Lancelot).


The Secrets of Drunk History with Tom Rosenthal

Comedian and actor Tom Rosenthal reveals as much as he can remember about his return to the Comedy Central show.

BT, 22nd March 2017

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