Drifters. Image shows from L to R: Laura (Lauren O'Rourke), Meg (Jessica Knappett), Bunny (Lydia Rose Bewley). Copyright: Zodiak Media Company.


E4 sitcom about three female friends stuck in their 20s. 24 episodes (4 series), 2013 - 2016. Stars Jessica Knappett, Lydia Rose Bewley, Lauren O'Rourke, Brett Goldstein and others.

How to be a Drifter

Jessica Knappett, who wrote Drifters and also stars in the show as Meg, gives her top tips on how to coast through life as a drifter:

Drifters. Meg (Jessica Knappett). Copyright: Zodiak Media Company.

1. Make sure you do everything you possibly can to keep running from your future/major life/career decisions. Ideally this should involve taking out a loan and travelling to another continent to spend it there.

2. When someone asks you what you're up to, simply reply "I've just got back from India" for at least nine months after your return.

3. "Going to India again" is a perfectly acceptable response to questions about future plans. Ignore your dad when he tells you that "going to a country is not the same as having an aim in life."

3. Never underestimate Facebook as the best way to break up with someone.

4. Living at your mum and dad's at the age of 24 isn't "sad" or "immature", it makes total business sense! Unless they charge you rent to teach you a "valuable lesson" about growing up...

5. Make sure you get a job you don't care about just to pay your rent. The more demoralising, underpaid and humiliating the better.

6. Do think twice if someone offers you a modelling job in a vodka bar in Leeds.

7. At some point you will need to teach your ex-boyfriend the difference between you playing hard to get and you having absolutely no interest in him anymore.

8. When trying to ditch the ex, arm yourself with some useful metaphors, like comparing him to famous serial killers. Then, maybe, move back in with him...

9. Being a drifter is all about making terrible life choices, after all.

Published: Friday 15th November 2013