Dr. Willoughby. Image shows from L to R: Emma Goodliffe (Isobel Middleton), Ralph Whatman (Brian Protheroe), Donna Sinclair (Joanna Lumley), Steve Lipton (Ian Puleston-Davies). Copyright: WitzEnd Productions.

Dr. Willoughby

Series 1

1. Fan Mail

First broadcast: Sunday 14th November 1999

Ralph is distraught at the thought of going to prison for six months, having failed to keep up with payments to his demanding ex-wife. Donna, meanwhile, becomes obsessed over the amount of fan mail her colleagues receive.


2. Young Pretender

First broadcast: Monday 15th November 1999

Emma is casting for a new role, and Donna's insistent upon a particular, muscular, young actor. The fact that he's patently rubbish doesn't seem to matter. Meanwhile, Ralph's convinced he's about to be fired.


3. Family Wedding

First broadcast: Monday 22nd November 1999

Donna's son arrives from travelling overseas and announces he is engaged; she's more concerned with getting into a glossy magazine. Emma toys with adding a comedy element to the series.


4. Speculation

First broadcast: Monday 29th November 1999

Donna checks into a private clinic for a small cosmetic procedure, excusing her absence to colleagues as a trip to Scotland to nurse a relative. Bets are quickly placed as to her real reason for disappearing.


5. Scandal

First broadcast: Monday 6th December 1999

Scandal is brought to Dr. Willoughby when a newspaper reveals that Donna's brother is destitute. She's adamant she believed him to be living in Canada, but Steve fears her career's over and lines up Ralph to replace her.


6. Awards

First broadcast: Monday 13th December 1999

As Ralph and Donna each try to sneak product placements into the Dr. Willoughby script, Emma receives word that the show has been nominated for its first ever award.