Doctor In The House.

Doctor In The House

ITV sitcom about a teaching hospital. 26 episodes (2 series), 1969 - 1970. Stars Barry Evans, Robin Nedwell, George Layton, Geoffrey Davies and others.

Michael A Upton

Played by: Barry Evans

Young Michael is embarking upon a medical career so as to follow in his father's footsteps. In spite of his dedication to work, his naïve nature leads him into various misunderstandings and makes him susceptible to becoming involved in the antics of the more experienced students.

Duncan Waring

Played by: Robin Nedwell

Duncan is another first-time first-year who meets and befriends Michael. The two rely on each other as they encounter the new experiences being a student entails. Although always a trusty ally, Duncan, unlike Michael, is not averse to being one of the lads.

Paul Collier

Played by: George Layton

Likeable Collier has been a first-year student for several years, never quite passing his finals. This is due to his fondness for drinking beer and chasing nurses, activities he rates above studying medicine.

Dick Stuart-Clark

Played by: Geoffrey Davies

Debonair Dick is another veteran of St. Swithin's Hospital and is unconcerned with passing exams due to a relative's pledge to give him money whilst he remains a student. Like his friend Collier, women and alcohol form the basis of his curriculum, along with making mischief.

Professor Geoffrey Loftus

Played by: Ernest Clark

The fearsome Professor Loftus is the students' irascible main teacher. His penchant for discipline is constantly thwarted by the exploits of the first-years, and his sharp tongue and fierce temper are the scourge of Stuart-Clark and Collier.

Dave Briddock

Played by: Simon Cuff

Briddock is the smooth operator of the group, always to be seen with a pretty girl on his arm, and with little time for much else.

The Dean

Played by: Ralph Michael

The Dean of St. Swithin's is a vague and incompetent man, much to the frustration of Loftus. His principal concern is the state of the hospital rugby team, and all students are regarded according to their usefulness to the squad.

Huw Evans (Series 1)

Played by: Martin Shaw

Welsh, loud and always ready to cause trouble, Evans is often the ringleader of the boys.

Danny Hooley (Series 2)

Played by: Jonathan Lynn

Irish Catholic Danny Hooley is always ready for fun, although there is a sensitive side to him as well.