Doctor In Charge. Image shows from L to R: Duncan Waring (Robin Nedwell), Unknown.

Doctor In Charge

ITV sitcom. 43 episodes (2 series), 1972 - 1973. Stars Robin Nedwell, Geoffrey Davies, George Layton, Richard O'Sullivan and Ernest Clark.

Doctor In Charge - The Complete First Series

Doctor In Charge - The Complete First Series

A lovely 4-disc behemoth of a release here, containing all 27 episodes from the first series of the ITV hit Doctor in Charge - the third in the Doctor series'.

The show follows the continuing misadventures of Duncan Waring (Robin Nedwell), Dick Stuart-Clark (Geoffrey Davies) and Paul Collier (George Layton). We see them move further up the promotion ladder, but no change in their fondness for slacking off and trying to chat up girls, nor in their ability to drive Professor Loftus (Ernest Clark) round the bend. But there's more trouble for the boys in the form of brown-noser Lawrence Bingham (Richard O'Sullivan) who trots about after Loftus in the hope of crawling into the good books.

First released: Monday 13th August 2007

  • Distributor: Network
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 4
  • Catalogue: 7952713

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