Doc Martin. Image shows from L to R: Louisa Glasson (Caroline Catz), Dr Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes). Copyright: ITV.

Doc Martin (2004)

ITV comedy drama about village life. 70 episodes (9 series), 2004 - 2019. Stars Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz, Ian McNeice, Joe Absolom and others.

Series 1, Episode 3 is repeated on ITV3 today at 8pm.

Series 2

1. Old Dogs

First broadcast: Thursday 10th November 2005

Martin Ellingham is still avoiding Louisa after his faux pas at the hospital. Meanwhile an old friend of auntie Joan's appears to be suffering from dementia, and fisherman Eddie has a possible broken rib after a mugging.

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2. In Loco

First broadcast: Thursday 17th November 2005

Louisa is nervously awaiting an interview for promotion to head teacher of Portwenn Primary School, and she's anxious to make a good impression. The breakout of a highly contagious skin infection amongst the children isn't going to help any.

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3. Blood Is Thicker

First broadcast: Thursday 24th November 2005

Doc Martin visits the Flint brothers at the remote country home they share with their father Victor and mother Doreen. Martin is also deeply troubled by the arrival of Mark's rude, overbearing sister in the village: a herbalist who is prescribing his patients all sorts of remedies.

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4. Aromatherapy

First broadcast: Thursday 1st December 2005

There's concern in Portwenn that local radio presenter Caroline Bosman has a drink problem but she's having none of it. Doctor Ellingham is also struggling to deal with the elderly Mr Cooke, about whom there is the most dreadful smell for no apparent reason.

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5. Always On My Mind

First broadcast: Thursday 8th December 2005

Having been called out to see bed-bound Helen Pratt, her husband, Phil, accuses Doc Martin of killing her when she dies mid-examination. Pauline's attention is distracted from surgery work when she's invited to join the Portwenn volunteer lifeboat crew.

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6. The Family Way

First broadcast: Thursday 15th December 2005

Dr Martin Ellingham's parents, Christopher and Margaret, make a surprise visit to Cornwall to stay with their son.

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7. Out Of The Woods

First broadcast: Thursday 22nd December 2005

It's just two weeks before PC Mark Mylow marries beautiful blonde Julie Mitchell, and he doesn't have a best man.

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8. Erotomania

First broadcast: Thursday 5th January 2006

Mrs Tishell has been wearing a collar to combat neck pain for years. The doctor urges her to remove it, thinking she doesn't really need it.

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Christmas Special: On The Edge

First broadcast: Monday 25th December 2006

Birdwatchers disturb the peace of Portwenn in the search of a rare chough meanwhile Louisa's father arrives and Pauline plans to leave.

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