Jane Bussmann.

Distinguished Ladies

TV sitcom project which was not broadcast.

This comedy has never been broadcast

Distinguished Ladies

Sitcom pilot written by Jane Bussmann, which is described as 'the rudest sitcom ever'

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Sitcom pilot script by Smack The Pony writer Jane Bussmann and Naisola Grimwood.

Starring Bussmann, Distinguished Ladies is an anarchic, semi-autobiographical sitcom set in the trashy, showbusiness supplement of a national newspaper. The cast list also includes Sally Phillips, Morgana Robinson, Kayvan Novak, Olivia Poulet and Vilma Hollingbery.

Described by the creators as 'the rudest sitcom ever', the plot centres around an upskirt photo of Kate Middleton. The show pokes fun at the royal couple in the process. The Radio Times reports that the Prince William says at one point: "Millions of women in India and Africa don't even look like they've been raped. But they probably have."

Read-throughs were recorded in London from May 2013 and were very well attended. Report

Talking to The Radio Times, Sally Phillips said "It's South Park does Grazia. We had to do the reading three times. And people laughed a lot, which is always good. I'd watch it. I think a current affairs sitcom that satirises the British media would be great. Have I Got News for You but all the questions are from Grazia, Hello and Stars! magazines..."

The filmed read-through at BBC Radio studios in Marylebone is now being used to attempt to find a broadcaster.