Diddy TV. Copyright: BBC.

Diddy TV

CBBC sketch show starring Dick and Dom. 38 episodes (4 series), 2016 - 2018. Stars Richard McCourt, Dominic Wood and Ted Robbins.

Series 4, Episode 7 is repeated on Saturday at 7am.

Video Clips

Santa Alarm

T'was the night before Diddy Christmas...

From Series 2, Episode 10.

Big Brother spoof

It's eviction time on Diddy TV! Which one of these final four will be booted from the Diddy Brother house?

Social Media Song

Diddy Dick and Dom and The Diddybots share some internet safety advice in their hit single Social Media.

Wizard Teacher!

What do you do when your teacher is a real wizard with all kinds of magic powers?

Diddy does the stupidest things

You've... Been... Stupid!


Watch as Diddy Dick and Dom take on Countdown... which ends in an unexpected rave-off!