Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!

CBBC sitcom starring a CGI version of Dennis The Menace. 51 episodes (1 series), 2017 - 2018. Stars Freddie Fox, Kelly-Marie Stewart, Kathryn Drysdale, Ryan Sampson and others.

Another series is in development.
Episode 41 is repeated today at 7:10am.

Series 1

Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

1. Edubot 4000

First broadcast: Monday 6th November 2017

Walter is tired of Dennis pulling the wool over the eyes of their teacher Mrs Creecher, so he orchestrates a robot to take over Class 3C - with disastrous results.


Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

2. Dare Dennis

First broadcast: Tuesday 7th November 2017

A bungled attempt at a stunt leads Dennis to accidentally become an internet star and Beanotown celebrity. But his moment of fame is short-lived and he is soon replaced by Walter's cat who can play the piano. Dennis has to stage the best stunt yet to gain back his audience.


Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

3. Dinmaker Diva

First broadcast: Wednesday 8th November 2017

Dennis and the gang are fed up with dinner lady Olive's completely inedible school dinners. In their mission to 'drop the slop', they discover a poster of her past career as a singer. The gang ask her to join The Dinmakers - hoping she'll swap a life in the kitchen for fame. However, after unleashing Olive's inner diva, their new mission is how to get Olive back into the kitchen!


Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

4. Raiders Of The Lost Sweetie

First broadcast: Thursday 9th November 2017

Mrs Creecher confiscates Dennis' rare sour sweetie - The Tongue Destroyer. Dennis is desperate to get the sweet back and takes his friends on an adventure to the school's 'Confiscatorium', a secret place where all confiscated goods are hidden in the depths of Bash Street School.


Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

5. Escape From Azkabash

First broadcast: Friday 10th November 2017

Dennis must escape detention and Bash Street School to make the Beanotown Brawny Bean Race before Walter wins it. With the help of a note placed in his desk, he must sneak past Mrs Creecher and make a run for it - unless the mysterious note giver stops him first.


Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

6. Griller Thriller

First broadcast: Monday 13th November 2017

Dennis' ultimate hero, Grizzly Griller, plans on trekking to the source of the River Beano, broadcasting the treacherous path on live TV. Dennis introduces him to his pet hamster, Galahad - only to discover they are his biggest fear! Grizzly is so afraid that Dennis must disguise himself as his hero and go in his place!


Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

7. Pie Spy

First broadcast: Tuesday 14th November 2017

Pieface steals Professor Von Screwtop's Pastry-based Intelligent Espionage unit (PIE) after forming a strong bond with the pie-shaped robot. Pieface is dismayed when Walter steals it from him to protect his dad from the embarrassing footage the PIE's memory chip holds.


Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

8. Night Of The Living Veg

First broadcast: Wednesday 15th November 2017

Mrs Creecher uses the school's allotment to hold Class 3C's 'Biggest Veg' competition.

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Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

9. The Hamazing Hamsterman

First broadcast: Thursday 16th November 2017

Dennis gets into a fluffy mess when he runs into Von Screwtop's hadron collider with the professor's pet hamster, Galahad. To stop Dennis from completely changing into a hamster, the gang must sneak him into Wilbur's lab to use his reverse hadron collider and change him back!


Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

10. Prank Wars

First broadcast: Friday 17th November 2017

Dennis discovers that Ralf the janitor is the legendary Prankmaster General and is told he could become his successor. Walter won't let this happen and challenges him to a prank battle to win Ralf's book of pranking - the infamous Prankypedia.


Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

11. Give Peas A Chance

First broadcast: Monday 20th November 2017

Mayor Wilbur passes a law to increase the healthy eating in Beanotown, replacing all foods with peas... of the mushy variety! The gang must avoid the people of Beanotown who are rapidly turning into Zompeas after eating the green mush. Dennis uses the only ordinary peas in town to sabotage Wilbur's mush making factory and save the day!


Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

12. The Fan

First broadcast: Tuesday 21st November 2017

Walter attempts to ruin The Dinmakers' chance of reaching fame. He will stop at nothing - even wearing a frock, and pretending to be a fan called Wanda who loves Dennis in order to break up the band!


Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!. Copyright: Beano Studios.

13. Screwtop Spudswap

First broadcast: Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Dennis is desperate to prevent Pieface from failing Mrs Creecher's maths test! He persuades the gang to use Professor Von Screwtop's mind-swapping device. But in a disastrous turn of events, Screwtop is on the loose with the brain of Paul the potato and Pieface is left with a potato with the brain of Screwtop to help get him through the test!


14. Are We There Yeti

First broadcast: Thursday 23rd November 2017

When the gang go on an adventure in search of the Beanotown Yeti, Walter follows with plans of his own for the rare beast, and Dennis and his chums must come to its rescue.


15. Super Paul

First broadcast: Friday 24th November 2017

After Dennis persuades Pieface that Paul is an undercover super hero, Gnasher, JJ and Rubi go along with the story and help Dennis to 'prove it'. However, his genius plan comes to a sticky end, when Pieface begins to think that with Paul at his side, he is completely invincible!


16. Wonder Sausage

First broadcast: Monday 5th February 2018

The world famous Wonder Sausage is on show in Butch Butcher's shop.

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17. Jurassic Bark

First broadcast: Tuesday 6th February 2018

Gnasher finds a Gnashersaurus rex thigh bone while digging in Beanotown Park!

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18. Screwtop In Love

First broadcast: Wednesday 7th February 2018

Rubi worries that her dad is lonely, so the gang try to find Professor von Screwtop a girlfriend!

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19. The Great Beanotown Bake-Off

First broadcast: Thursday 8th February 2018

Pieface's all time hero, Cherry Bakewell, is coming to Beanotown to judge the annual bake-off.

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20. Why So Clonely

First broadcast: Monday 12th February 2018

Dennis accidentally clones himself and uses his exact opposite clone to do all his chores and abide by the rules at school. All is going to plan until Walter realises what has happened and unleashes a clone cat army on the den!


21. The Wrong Man-Ace

First broadcast: Tuesday 13th February 2018

Dennis is mistaken for a Beanotown baddie while in disguise to sneak into 12A film. At first Dennis loves being treated like a celebrity, but as things begin to go awry his friends have to save him by revealing his real identity and capturing the real diamond-stealing baddie!


22. Red And Black To The Future

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th February 2018

When Dennis finds Professor Screwtop's time machine in the lab, he can't resist using it without reading the instructions, and starts a chain of events that lead to Gnashersaurus rex's rampaging through Beanotown! How is Dennis going to set things right without bumping into other versions of himself and destroying the space time continuum?


23. Pig Trouble In Little Beanotown

First broadcast: Thursday 15th February 2018

More adventures with Dennis and Gnasher in Beanotown.


24. I, Clawdia

First broadcast: Monday 19th February 2018

When the gang's sausages go missing, and they discover gnashed bicycle wheels and one of Gnasher's teeth, it seems like there's only one suspect. But Dennis refuses to believe that Gnasher is to blame. Gnasher realises he's being set up by Clawdia, Walter's ultra sneaky cat, and has to find a way to prove his innocence.


25. Postcards From The Veg

First broadcast: Tuesday 20th February 2018

Pieface laments that Paul is looking peaky and needs a holiday. Dennis has a plan! But its only when Walter kidnaps Paul that he realises his chips are down and he needs the gang's help to put things right!


26. The Whole Tooth

First broadcast: Wednesday 21st February 2018

When Gnasher gnashes Walter's portrait, he gets revenge with a titanium sausage that leaves Gnasher toothless and miserable. Dennis and the gang decide to stage a heist to 'borrow' some diamonds until Gnasher's teeth grow back!


27. Freewheelin'

First broadcast: Monday 21st May 2018

It's the famous Beanotown Freewheeler Derby! During practice, the gang realise Walter's go-cart is especially speedy. Worried that Walter will beat his record, Dennis creates a lighter, faster cart but loses control and injures himself. It is up to Rubi's wheelchair know how and Dennis' carting skills to win the race.


28. Were-Walter

First broadcast: Tuesday 22nd May 2018

There's a werewolf-type creature on the prowl and suspicion falls on Gnasher. Dennis has to prove his best pal's innocence as the full moon shines down on Beanotown...


29. Dennis TV

First broadcast: Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Walter launches his own mega-dull, hypnotic TV channel with an signal booster that swamps all other channels! Rubi helps Dennis set up his own TV channel with a more powerful booster to free the residents of Beanotown from Walter's TV trance. Who will win the battle for ratings?


30. The Dog Ate It Miss

First broadcast: Thursday 24th May 2018

Gnasher accidentally gulps down Dennis' permission slip for the school trip! There's only one thing for it - they need Prof von Screwtop to use his shrink ray to shrink them down to bite-size humans so they can travel on a sausage into Gnasher's tummy and find the slip! Easy! Well it would be if it wasn't for the tiny alien empress Miasma living in there.


31. The Fangtom Menace

First broadcast: Friday 25th May 2018

Pieface's first sleepover in the den is troubled by spooky tales of a frightening Fangtom and Walter turning up with a demolition gang determined to flatten the den!


32. Gnashernal Treasure

First broadcast: Monday 28th May 2018

The class dig up a mysterious time capsule which sets them off on a race to find hidden treasure before Walter or a greed-crazed Paul the Potato can find it first.


33. Ralf's Last Prank

First broadcast: Tuesday 29th May 2018

When Dennis and the gang think they have caused Ralf to lose his job, they're determined to make his last day at Bash Street School totally blam by setting up the greatest prank Ralf's ever known.


34. Extreme Sports Day

First broadcast: Wednesday 30th May 2018

Dennis recruits Grizzly Griller to help make school sports day more extreme, but as he and JJ get competitive against each other, who is sabotaging both their chances of winning?


35. Today The Dog, Tomorrow The World

First broadcast: Thursday 31st May 2018

Power-hungry tiny alien Empress Miasma takes control of Gnasher from the inside and uses him in her attempts to take over planet Earth. But when Miasma breaks out of Gnasher into Beanotown for real and Walter helps her grow in size, mayhem really takes hold!


36. School Of Croc

First broadcast: Friday 1st June 2018

When Walter leaves his pampered pet croc, Crunchzilla, to fend for itself, Dennis and the gang help him to get in touch with its wild side. Walter does his best to prevent them, as he needs to keep the croc tame in the hope of getting back his father's limo keys, which Crunchzilla has accidentally swallowed.


37. Grizzly's Great Outdoors

First broadcast: Monday 4th June 2018

A snake bite causes Grizzly Griller to forget all his survival know-how, so it's down to his greatest fan Dennis to help him re-learn his survival skills so they can all make it safely back to Beanotown.


38. Bertie's Backbone

First broadcast: Tuesday 5th June 2018

Dennis and the gang train Bertie in the art of standing up to people so he can rebel against Walter's bossiness - but they train him too well and he becomes a dangerous rebel without a clue!


39. Gnash Hit

First broadcast: Monday 9th July 2018

Gnasher becomes the star of an action movie, playing Grizzly's on-screen sidekick. But filming keeps him and Dennis apart, leaving Dennis feeling lonely. Could Dennis and Gnasher really become Grizzly and Gnasher?


40. Heroes In A Half-Pipe

First broadcast: Tuesday 10th July 2018

Dennis needs to pull off a magnificent stunt to save the skate park from closure, so Gran gives him the skateboard of the legendary Kendo 360 to help. When the special board goes missing at the worst possible moment, Dennis needs to dig deep and realise that it's the skater and not the board that's important.


41. Gran Up

First broadcast: Wednesday 11th July 2018

When Gran's Harley gets impounded, Dennis thinks she's lost her groove and given up on her thrill-seeking ways. In trying to help her, Dennis accidentally becomes Old Man Dennis, and teams up with Gran to prove you're never too old to be a rebel.


42. The Tech Specs

First broadcast: Thursday 12th July 2018

Dennis is blamed for a theft he didn't commit, and Mrs Creecher's new super-powered tech specs mean she can suddenly see way too well. She teams up with Sergeant Slipper to track down fugitive Dennis who has to somehow hide from the all-seeing tech specs so he can prove his innocence and find the real culprit.


43. Goodbye Rubi Doomsday

First broadcast: Friday 13th July 2018

Rubi gets a place in a Summer School for Super Smart Kids, which turns out to be one of Walter's tricks so he can learn the secrets of her new invention.


44. Pi In The Sky

First broadcast: Monday 16th July 2018

The gang spot what appears to be a meteor through Screwtop's mega-powerful telescope. It turns out to be an early space invention of the Professor's, hurtling back towards Earth on a collision course with Beanotown! Can Dennis and the gang save the day, or will Beanotown be destroyed forever.


45. Bmxcess

First broadcast: Tuesday 17th July 2018

JJ is so keen to get Dennis the new bike she thinks he's desperate to have, that she agrees to make a deal with Walter, and without realising it, passes on information that could lead to a jelly-blasting rampage.


46. Pieface Day

First broadcast: Wednesday 18th July 2018

When Pieface rescues Walter and Bertie from danger, Dennis leads the town in celebrating Pieface Day in his honour, and refuses to listen when Pieface tries to tell him it was all a big mistake. Walter uncovers the truth, proclaims himself the bigger hero, and declares it Walter Week!


47. Crouching Dennis Hidden Yeti

First broadcast: Thursday 19th July 2018

The gang's efforts to help JJ master the ancient art of blamjitsu are ruined by Walter's plans to capture the Beanotown yeti. Dennis and the gang defend the yeti, and help JJ unleash her inner blam, in a gravity-defying blam-jitsu face-off with the WilburCorp henchbot.


48. Double Crust

First broadcast: Friday 20th July 2018

When Crusty the robot pie spy is forced by Doctor Pfooflepfeffer to send her photos of Professor Screwtop's latest inventions, the gang get their own back by tricking Crusty into sending her the silliest inventions they can think of.


49. Get Lost

First broadcast: Monday 23rd July 2018

The gang get lost in the woods and stumble into the Land of Lost Things, where Gnasher gets 'dognapped' by a Gnashersaurus rex which has lost its beloved egg. To save Gnasher they have to rely on 'Pieface logic' to reunite the G-rex with its egg, and stop Walter from making a record-breaking giant omelette with it.


50. Call Of The Wild

First broadcast: Tuesday 24th July 2018

When Gnasher gets sent to dog obedience school for gnashing Mrs Creecher's saxophone, one of Professor Screwtop's inventions, the Chatterbox, allows Dennis to understand animal noises, so he can ask Gnasher why he did it - if only all the other animals in Beanotown would stop chatting to him for a minute!


Christmas Special: Dennis And The Beanostalk

First broadcast: Tuesday 18th December 2018

A massive Beanostalk sprouts up in Beanotown, taking all the Gang's Christmas Stuff - and Gnasher - up beyond the clouds to a Land of Giants.

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