Dave's Advent Calendar.

Dave's Advent Calendar

Dave comedy shorts. 24 episodes (1 series) in 2018. Stars Andrew Maxwell, Dan Skinner, Beattie Edmondson, Dustin Demri-Burns and others.

Series 1

Dave's Advent Calendar. Image shows from L to R: Kerry Godliman, Romesh Ranganathan.

1. Christmas Gratitude With Kerry & Romesh

First broadcast: Saturday 1st December 2018

Romesh Ranganathan thinks Christmas is rubbish. Kerry Godliman attempts to show him how presents can bring happiness and light to his life.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Rachel Parris.

2. A Christmas Carol By Rachel Parris

First broadcast: Sunday 2nd December 2018

Rachel Parris tells us about her night before Christmas. It involves Wigan and vindaloo.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Dan Skinner.

3. A Wrapping Masterclass With Angelos Epithemiou

First broadcast: Monday 3rd December 2018

How do you wrap skis, a tricycle or a jelly? Then join Angelos Epithemiou's Christmas Wrapping Masterclass to find out.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Ed Gamble.

4. The Ultimate Christmas Cocktail With Ed Gamble

First broadcast: Tuesday 4th December 2018

Ed Gamble shows us how to make the ultimate Christmas cocktail. And then he has to drink it.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Dane Baptiste.

5. The True Christmas Bible By Dane Baptiste

First broadcast: Wednesday 5th December 2018

Dane Baptiste's bible is the Christmas toy catalogue. He explains why he wants a tree just like Michael Jackson.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Sally Phillips.

6. Christmas Crafts With Sally Phillips

First broadcast: Thursday 6th December 2018

Sally Phillips celebrates Christmas by showing us the age-old tradition of making a Nativity scene. Out of sushi.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Kerry Howard.

7. Battle Of The Buffet With Kerry Howard

First broadcast: Friday 7th December 2018

Kerry Howard on how to keep family and friends away from the sacred Christmas buffet.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Andrew Maxwell.

8. Talking Turkey With Andrew Maxwell

First broadcast: Saturday 8th December 2018

Andrew Maxwell hates turkey. Really hates it. He's actually not that keen on any Christmas food. Here's why.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Ken Cheng.

9. Why Santa Is A Bit Of A Prick By Ken Cheng

First broadcast: Sunday 9th December 2018

Ken Cheng tells us why he thinks Father Christmas lives in the Fortress of Solitude and he is actually Sir Philip Green in disguise.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Nick Helm.

10. "A Snowman" By Nick Helm

First broadcast: Monday 10th December 2018

Nick Helm gets us into the Christmas spirit with his poem A Snowman. It doesn't end well.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Image shows from L to R: Seb Cardinal, Dustin Demri-Burns.

11. Cardinal Burns: The Snowman... With Dialogue

First broadcast: Tuesday 11th December 2018

The Cardinal Burns boys finally give a voice to the classic Christmas tale The Snowman.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Geoff Norcott.

12. Right On Christmas With Geoff Norcott & Hipster Geoff Norcott

First broadcast: Wednesday 12th December 2018

Hipster Geoff Norcott argues with non-hipster Geoff Norcott about Christmas. They don't get along.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Image shows from L to R: Josh Widdicombe, Tom Craine.

13. The World's Worst Christmas Presents With Josh & Tom

First broadcast: Thursday 13th December 2018

Josh Widdecombe discovers why Tom Craine always has the very worst, most woeful, utterly horrific Christmas in the entire World.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Beattie Edmondson.

14. 30 Things Not To Kill At Christmas With Beattie Edmondson

First broadcast: Friday 14th December 2018

Beattie Edmondson lists 30 things to have at Christmas dinner that don't involve the death of an animal.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Darren Harriott.

15. The Worst Christmas Hip Hop Record Ever With Darren Harriott

First broadcast: Saturday 15th December 2018

Darren Harriott hates the Grinch at Christmas. Especially when he raps...


Dave's Advent Calendar. Nina Conti.

16. Monkey's Christmas Tail With Nina Conti

First broadcast: Sunday 16th December 2018

Nina Conti forces Monkey to get into the Christmas spirit in their Christmas "Tail".


Dave's Advent Calendar. Jamie Demetriou.

17. Mary Had A Little Baby Boy By Jamie Demetriou

First broadcast: Monday 17th December 2018

Jamie Demetriou sings the real story of Christmas - including the funniest ever joke ever about Christmas. Ever.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Zoe Lyons.

18. The Plucky Dip With Zoe Lyons

First broadcast: Tuesday 18th December 2018

Zoe Lyons puts her hand up a turkey for her Christmas presents in Zoe's Plucky Dip.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Seb Cardinal.

19. A Christmas Message From Radiohead's Thom Yorke

First broadcast: Wednesday 19th December 2018

Thom Yorke offers up his annual Christmas Address to the nation. With Seb Cardinal.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Jon Richardson.

20. Cookies For Santa By Jon Richardson

First broadcast: Thursday 20th December 2018

Jon Richardson has dressed up for Christmas. He wishes he hadn't and now thinks this is the last time he will ever be on television.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Cariad Lloyd.

21. The True Story Of Christmas By Cariad Lloyd

First broadcast: Friday 21st December 2018

Cariad Lloyd has the story of the true meaning of Christmas. Featuring a snare drum.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Natasia Demetriou.

22. My Horny Christmas With Natasia Demetriou

First broadcast: Saturday 22nd December 2018

Natasia Demetriou has the Top 5 reasons why Christmas should make you horny.


Dave's Advent Calendar. Sofie Hagen.

23. På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød - A Genuine Danish Christmas Song From Sofie Hagen

First broadcast: Sunday 23rd December 2018

Sofie Hagen sings the famous Danish classic Christmas song "På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød".


Dave's Advent Calendar.

24. The Murder Of Ding Dong Merrily On High

First broadcast: Monday 24th December 2018

Ever wanted to hear lots of comedians murdering Ding Dong Merrily on High? That's what Dave is for. Merry Christmas.