Dapper Laughs: On The Pull. Daniel O'Reilly. Copyright: Hungry Bear Media / Big Minded.

Dapper Laughs: On The Pull

ITV2 comedy. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2014. Stars Daniel O'Reilly.

Video Clips

Dapper Laughs on Newsnight

Daniel O'Reilly is confronted with various accusations by Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis.

Featuring: Dapper Laughs.

Episode 4 preview

Dapper chats to some ladies.

From Series 1, Episode 4. Featuring: Dapper Laughs.

Episode 3 preview

Will sex-starved James take Dapper's advice and pull at the end of the night?

From Series 1, Episode 3. Featuring: Dapper Laughs.

Episode 2 preview

This week's 'victim' has to go and try and chat up some girls.

From Series 1, Episode 2. Featuring: Dapper Laughs.

Episode 1 preview

Oi oiiiiiiiiiii - it's a clip from Dapper Laughs' TV show.

From Series 1, Episode 1. Featuring: Dapper Laughs.

Dapper Laughs - Trailer

Dapper Laughs has actually been given his own TV show.

Featuring: Dapper Laughs.