Dani's Castle. Copyright: The Foundation.

Dani's Castle

CBBC sitcom. 39 episodes (3 series), 2013 - 2015. Stars Dani Harmer, Shannon Flynn, Richard Wisker, Kieran Alleyne, Niall Wright, Jordan Brown, Toby Murray and others.

Series 1

1. The Castle

First broadcast: Thursday 17th January 2013

Dani inherits a castle in Ireland from a long-lost aunt, but gets more than she bargained for when she arrives.

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2. City Boy

First broadcast: Thursday 24th January 2013

Jimmy discovers things in the country are not as simple as he thinks. Dani gets some dance training for the annual Bogmoor Ball.


3. Ghost Tour

First broadcast: Thursday 31st January 2013

Dani and the gang come up with a way to pay off the castle debts but will it work without the help of Gabriel and Esme, or indeed the visiting Sam?


4. 21st Century Boy

First broadcast: Thursday 7th February 2013

Dani admits her true feelings for Gabe but he thinks he needs to update himself to win her affection. A surprise visit from Ben suggests Gabe has competition.


5. Lying Game

First broadcast: Thursday 14th February 2013

Esme suffers a crisis of confidence in her scare-abilty. Gabe's addiction to a ghostly book causes Dani to do something rash. Can anyone tell the truth? Honestly!


6. Treasure Hunt

First broadcast: Thursday 21st February 2013

Jimmy finds ancient clues to hidden treasure in the castle and the gang search high and low only to discover something completely unexpected.


7. Bogmoor Rocks

First broadcast: Thursday 28th February 2013

Another money-making scheme goes awry when bad weather forces the cancellation of Bogmoor's rock festival, but has anyone told Jedward?


8. Dark And Stormy Night

First broadcast: Thursday 7th March 2013

Strange things happen when the lights go out in a storm and Jimmy entertains the gang with a spooky story by torchlight.


9. Witch World

First broadcast: Thursday 21st March 2013

Dani and Jimmy each defend their branch of the family tree when a misunderstanding with local busy-body Mrs Crankett digs up an old witch legend of Bogmoor.


10. Bogmoor Birthday

First broadcast: Thursday 28th March 2013

Jimmy fakes his birthday to get out of cleaning the castle, and Kaitlin uncovers a fake when her beloved Prince William is claimed by a stranger.


11. Communication Problems

First broadcast: Thursday 4th April 2013

Kaitlin protests at yet another harebrained Jimmy scheme, which involves a massive satellite dish, phone signals and crossed wires. Can things return to near normal before Dani returns from an audition?


12. Aunt Marjorie

First broadcast: Thursday 11th April 2013

The fighting cousins are put in their place when Aunt Marjorie returns from beyond to give them a piece of her mind. Can they resolve their differences in time to save Gabe?


13. Rich

First broadcast: Thursday 18th April 2013

The gang get a visitor in the shape of yet another cousin coming to claim the castle. Dani and Gabe have a tough decision to make.