Da Ali G Show. Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen).

Da Ali G Show

Channel 4 sketch show / prank show starring Sacha Baron Cohen. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2000. Stars Sacha Baron Cohen.

Episode 5 is repeated on CC Extra tomorrow at 1am.

Press Clippings

Why the 'cringe com' reigns

Whether it's cult films or the mockumentary style perfected by The Office, why do we seek discomfort from our comedies?

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 12th November 2018

Sacha Baron Cohen: All of his best political interviews

As Who Is America? causes controversy, a look back over 20 years of the prankster's greatest political hits.

Jason Bailey, The Independent, 16th July 2018

Ali G vs Trump - and other inspired spoof interviews

Fifteen years ago, when Donald Trump was merely a business tycoon and not the most controversial US president since Nixon, he found himself face to face with Sacha Baron Cohen's cult comedy alter-ego: aspiring UK rapper Ali G. Now that Diane Morgan's Philomena Cunk is currently rekindling the trend for spoof interviews, we look back at one of the best.

Mark Butler, i Newspaper, 4th April 2018

Da Ali G Show facts and figures

Some facts and figures that you may not know.

Telly Binge, 2nd October 2016

Sacha Baron Cohen brings back Ali G at the Oscars

Ali G was as ignorant as ever when he said there should be an Oscar for the 'very hard-working little yellow people.'

Mike Larkin, Daily Mail, 29th February 2016

Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G to return next month on FXX

New clips of Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G will screen next month on FXX in the US.

Jack Klompus, Digital Spy, 17th January 2014

Ali G with half naked women in limo for new US TV show

It looks like everything is aiii for investigative journalist Ali G, who has been spotted partying in a swimming pool in the back of a limo, joined by models sporting some truly teeny tiny bikinis. Booyakasha!

Charlie Hodgson, The Mirror, 19th December 2013

Da Ali G Show - the 5 most awkward moments

Da Ali G Show is to be revamped for comedy channel Fox, meaning we get to enjoy cringeworthy moments like these all over again...

Radio Times, 5th November 2013

'Da Ali G Show' unseen episodes to air in US

Sacha Baron Cohen's Da Ali G Show is to air in the US. Previously unaired episodes of the comedy show will be broadcast on FXX in 2014.

Frances Taylor, Digital Spy, 1st November 2013

Staines changes its name to shake off Ali G link

The Surrey town of Staines has officially changed its name to Staines-upon-Thames in an attempt to boost its riverside image.

Councillors voted for the change last year after the town became synonymous with Sacha Baron Cohen's spoof rapper Ali G.

BBC News, 20th May 2012