The Complete And Utter History Of Britain. Image shows from L to R: Terry Jones, Michael Palin. Copyright: London Weekend Television.

The Complete And Utter History Of Britain

ITV sketch show charting British history. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1969. Stars Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Colin Gordon, Roddy Maude-Roxby and others.

Series 1

1. From The Dawn Of History To The Norman Conquest

First broadcast: Sunday 12th January 1969

The first episode charts British history all the way from the dawn of man to the Norman Conquest in 1066. Professor Weaver shares his biased views, whilst Colin Gordon introduces a host of stars: King Alfred, King Canute, King Edgar and William the Conqueror.


2. Richard The Lionheart To Robin The Hood

First broadcast: Sunday 19th January 1969

This episode covers Richard the Lionheart, the Magna Carta and up to Robin Hood.


3. Edward The First To Richard The Last

First broadcast: Sunday 26th January 1969

Colin Gordon and Professor Weaver take history from Edward I through the Hundred Years War, the Black Death and up to the Battle of Bosworth Field - plus The Rules of Courtly Life (un Film de Geoffrey Chaucer).


4. Perkin Warbeck To Bloody Mary

First broadcast: Sunday 2nd February 1969

This week we go from Perkin Warbeck to Henry VIII and his six wives, to 1557 and Queen 'Bloody' Mary Tudor.


5. The Great And Glorious Age Of Elizabeth

First broadcast: Sunday 9th February 1969

This episode focuses on the long reign of Elizabeth I, Walter Raleigh, Shakespeare and Spanish Armada.


6. James The McFirst To Oliver Cromwell

First broadcast: Sunday 16th February 1969

In the final episode, Guy Fawkes tries to blow up James I of England in Parliament, England succumbs to regicide, and Charles II is restored to the throne - plus the work of diarist Samuel Pepys.