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British people LOVE swearing

Prim and proper or f****** swearing all over the place.

People react to 'Breastfeeding My Boyfriend'

Breastfeeding My Boyfriend caused quite a stir.

Is There Too Much Diversity On TV?

After the thousands of complaints that Ashley Banjo received following Diversity's Black Lives Matter performance on BGT, Munya Chawawa came up with this solution to diversity and BLM complaints.

Tom Allen recreates The Crown

You're watching your favourite period drama, really getting into it, then BLAM, there's some double yellow lines on the road, or the actor's wearing ugg boots, or the classic, someone's left a coffee cup in shot. Tom Allen's out to investigate if historical accuracy is important when you're watching telly. And with that in mind, what's in store for the next series of The Crown and Bridgerton if we have to stick to the facts?

How much Yorkshire is too much Yorkshire?

Is telly obsessed with Yorkshire? Are there too many TV shows based in God's own country?

Antiques Roadshow (R&B Remix)

A new version of The Antiques Roadshow.

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