Coming Of Age. Image shows from L to R: Jas (Hannah Job), Ollie (Ceri Phillips), DK (Joe Tracini), Matt (Tony Bignell), Chloe (Anabel Barnston). Copyright: BBC.

Coming Of Age

BBC Three sitcom about teenagers. 23 episodes (pilot + 3 series), 2007 - 2011. Stars Anabel Barnston, Tony Bignell, Hannah Job, Ceri Phillips and others.

Video Clips

DK's Rap

DK performs a rather crude rap.

From Series 2, Episode 4. Featuring: Anabel Barnston (Chloe), Joe Tracini (DK).

An Unusual Driving Lesson

Ollie learns how to drive with DK on the roof.

From Series 2, Episode 4. Featuring: Ceri Phillips (Ollie), Joe Tracini (DK), Stephen Wight (Horace).

Goldfish Sex

Chloe wants her and Matt to experiement sexually.

From Series 2, Episode 3. Featuring: Anabel Barnston (Chloe), Tony Bignell (Matt).

Erection Mistake

DK gets a job as a nude life model.

From Series 2, Episode 3. Featuring: Joe Tracini (DK).

Everyone's Got A Novel In Them

The gang decide to perform a radio play for their general studies course.

From Series 2, Episode 2. Featuring: Anabel Barnston (Chloe), Tony Bignell (Matt), Hannah Job (Jas), Ceri Phillips (Ollie), Joe Tracini (DK).

Flirty Clarkson Cut-Out

Ollie falls on a nail and gives his best Jeremy Clarkson impression.

From Series 2, Episode 1. Featuring: Ceri Phillips (Ollie).