Coming Of Age. Image shows from L to R: Jas (Hannah Job), Ollie (Ceri Phillips), DK (Joe Tracini), Matt (Tony Bignell), Chloe (Anabel Barnston). Copyright: BBC
Coming Of Age

Coming Of Age

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Three
  • 2007 - 2011
  • 23 episodes (3 series)

A bawdy, loud teen sitcom from writer Tim Dawson about a group of friends at college together in Abingdon. Also features Anabel Barnston, Tony Bignell, Hannah Job, Ceri Phillips, Joe Tracini and more.

Press clippings

No good comedy will survive the progressive purge

Comedy is cancelled. Or rather, comedy that doesn't "reflect the times" is cancelled, which in practice is the same thing. According to the BBC, Little Britain will no longer be available on iPlayer because "times have changed". Netflix has followed suit, adding Matt Lucas and David Walliams' other recent hit, Come Fly with Me, as well as The League Of Gentlemen to the banned list for good measure.

Tim Dawson, The Telegraph, 11th June 2020

Coming Of Age cancelled by BBC Three

Despite achieving high viewing figures in the recent third series, BBC Three sitcom Coming Of Age will not return for a fourth outing.

British Comedy Guide, 5th May 2011

Four series, four long series, four laughter free long series, four laughter free immature series that Coming of Age has been on BBC3.

I can only imagine the show's viewers have the intellect of a dead weasel, or are the Daffy Ducky tie-wearing wankers who think they're the office funnymen; those who spend £100 on their costume for Red Nose Day.

BBC3 has long been a graveyard for morons' comedy. It's like the Beeb has given up on it, throwing it out to the brain dead teenagers who sit on swivel chairs in White City to have their fun with. Truly no words will ever describe how monumentally bad this show is. I'll try: it's worse than Two Pints, and that got seven series .... or was it six? Too many is my point.

If there is literally anything else to do in the entire world, do it over watching Coming of Age.

Tom Eagles,, 25th February 2011

Writer Tim Dawson on the making of Coming Of Age 3

As regular fans of the show will know, it is recorded in front of a live studio audience and so we asked the writer Tim Dawson to share a little bit about the last stages of the production process.

Tim Dawson, BBC, 12th January 2011

Coming Of Age: Clues about Series 3

Writer Tim Dawson reveals there will be a new character in the third series.

Tim Dawson, BBC, 23rd July 2010

Coming Of Age returns to BBC Three

Controversial BBC Three sitcom Coming Of Age has been commissioned for a third series.

British Comedy Guide, 16th April 2010

Send your Coming Of Age Raps

I've been told by the wonderful folks at the BBC that there have been a silly amount of requests for the lyrics to DK's raps.

Joe Tracini, BBC Comedy, 1st March 2010

Writer Tim Dawson on the return of Coming of Age

The idea for Coming of Age came to me when I was eighteen and trying to find a way out of doing more exams. I've always loved sitcom and I'd always wondered why there wasn't a proper sitcom about teenage life, so one weekend I sat down, wrote a script and sent it to the BBC.

Tim Dawson, BBC Comedy, 12th January 2010

Joe Tracini's Coming of Age Diary 5

Hello all! So, it is my sad duty to tell you that filming of Coming of Age series two has come to an end. We had highs and lows, laughter and tears, singing and dancing, sexual innuendo and just plain dirty talking. Twas a wonderful few months. Some good news coming at you though, it will be on your screens early 2010, WOOHOO!

Joe Tracini, BBC, 27th October 2009

Joe Tracini's Coming of Age Diary 4

Hey! I believe we did something that hasn't been done before this week... we filmed the first 60 scene sitcom episode in front of a live studio audience!

Joe Tracini, BBC Comedy, 1st September 2009

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