Coming Of Age. Image shows from L to R: Jas (Hannah Job), Ollie (Ceri Phillips), DK (Joe Tracini), Matt (Tony Bignell), Chloe (Anabel Barnston). Copyright: BBC.

Coming Of Age

BBC Three sitcom about teenagers. 23 episodes (pilot + 3 series), 2007 - 2011. Stars Anabel Barnston, Tony Bignell, Hannah Job, Ceri Phillips and others.

Series 2

1. Rudies

First broadcast: Tuesday 12th January 2010

Chloe finally loses her virginity to Matt, who spreads the good news ... via Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and the school newsletter. Though he may have earned the admiration of the guys on campus, Chloe is horrified and demands that her virginity be restored.

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2. Who Killed Alec The Dwarf?

First broadcast: Tuesday 19th January 2010

As part of their general studies course, the principal has bought the college a local radio licence so the gang decides to do a radio play.

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3. French Rs

First broadcast: Tuesday 26th January 2010

The arrival of the new French teacher, Mademoiselle Duquette, causes a stir and Ollie becomes obsessed by her.

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4. Black Eye

First broadcast: Tuesday 2nd February 2010

DK appears in the principal's office with a black eye. She tries valiantly to discover the cause of it, getting him to recount recent happenings at Wooton College.

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5. Lederhosen Hero

First broadcast: Tuesday 9th February 2010

DK is plagued by dreams of the principal and becomes worried that she may fancy him.

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6. Doreen

First broadcast: Tuesday 16th February 2010

Jas and Ollie's rift is threatening to tear the group apart, and Chloe goes to extreme measures in order to stop it from happening. Meanwhile, DK's bad behaviour lands him with having to look after an OAP...

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7. Monster

First broadcast: Tuesday 23rd February 2010

The Principal takes up a promotion at the local education authority's offices, and leaves the college.

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8. Live Or Die

First broadcast: Tuesday 2nd March 2010

Ollie's in hospital after his heart attack, deep in sleep whilst a distraught Jas and their worried friends keep vigil. But he is facing an angel, giving him the option of whether to live, or to die.

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