Comedy Central At The Comedy Store. Copyright: Open Mike Productions.

Comedy Central At The Comedy Store

Comedy Central stand-up series filmed at The Comedy Store. 84 episodes (5 series), 2010 - 2018.

Press Clippings

Video: Andi Osho at The Comedy Store

Andi Osho, winner of the 2007 Nivea Funny Women award, waxes lyrical about the worst places in Britain, trying to get adopted and the funny noises we made as kids.

Sky, 3rd September 2010

This new series of small screen stand-up kicks off with a superb performance from Mark Watson, a rising star on the British comedy circuit. As a new dad, Mark's got plenty of material to work with and does an admirable job of warming up the crowd for his comedy cohorts Andrew Lawrence and Alun Cochrane.

Sky, 3rd September 2010