Comedy Central At The Comedy Store. Copyright: Open Mike Productions.

Comedy Central At The Comedy Store

Comedy Central stand-up series filmed at The Comedy Store. 84 episodes (5 series), 2010 - 2018.

Series 1

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Friday 3rd September 2010

Mark Watson on phrases, meanings and travel. Plus Andrew Lawrence on getting fat and noisy neighbours; Andi Osho on the worst places in Britain and Alun Cochrane on relationships.


2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Friday 10th September 2010

Jack Whitehall on alpha males; Seann Walsh on drunken conversations; Ava Vidal on child poverty; and Kevin Bridges on South London crime.


3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Saturday 18th September 2010

Micky Flanagan on cockney boys, Kai Humphries on adolescence, Tom Wrigglesworth on public transport and Neil Delamere on diving with sharks.


4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Friday 24th September 2010

Stand-up comedy from Pete Johansson, Rufus Hound, Jo Caufield and Rob Rouse.


5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Friday 1st October 2010

At London's legendary Comedy Store tonight, Kevin Bridges on his Scottish accent, Zoe Lyons on alpha males, Andrew Lawrence on his school experiences and Russell Kane on the X Factor.


6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Saturday 9th October 2010

At London's legendary Comedy Store tonight, Russell Kane on the recession, Micky Flanagan on trying for a baby, Tom Stade on drug addiction and Mark Watson on Londoners and muggers.


7. Episode Seven

First broadcast: Saturday 16th October 2010

At London's legendary Comedy Store tonight, Alun Cochrane on modern technology, Zoe Lyons on vegans, Seann Walsh on Brighton and Jack Whitehall on the Royal Family and Robert Mugabe.


8. Episode Eight

First broadcast: Friday 22nd October 2010

At the Comedy Store tonight are Marlon Davis on Barack Obama, Jason Byrne on getting sex when you're older, Steve Williams on night clubs and Phil Nichol on offending people.


9. Episode Nine

First broadcast: Friday 29th October 2010

At London's legendary Comedy Store tonight, Jarred Christmas on aggressive Londoners, Steve Williams on graffiti, Andi Osho on Nigerian parenting and Mike Wilmot on alcoholism and London.


10. Episode Ten

First broadcast: Friday 5th November 2010

Stand-up comedy from Rufus Hound, Tom Stade, Ava Vidal and Simon Evans.


11. Episode Eleven

First broadcast: Saturday 13th November 2010

Rob Rouse on becoming a father, Paul Tonkinson on the rules of rugby, Terry Alderton on accents and Simon Cowell, and Josh Howie on religion.


12. Episode Twelve

First broadcast: Saturday 20th November 2010

Jason Byrne on marriage and annoying his wife, Lloyd Langford on the recession, Jo Caulfield on relationships and Dave Fulton on the police.


13. Episode Thirteen

First broadcast: Saturday 27th November 2010

Neil Delamere on a liaison with a Swedish girl, Lucy Porter on fashion, Ian Moore on his kids, Pete Johansson on the differences between men and women.


14. Episode Fourteen

First broadcast: Saturday 4th December 2010

Lloyd Langford on the Winter Olympics, Tom Wrigglesworth on internet porn, Craig Campbell on canoe man, and Justin Moorhouse on getting heckled.


15. Episode Fifteen

First broadcast: Saturday 11th December 2010

At London's legendary Comedy Store tonight, Jarred Christmas on marriage, Terry Alderton on Afghanistan, Josh Howie on being Jewish and Phil Nichol on his Canadian roots and accents.


16. Episode Sixteen

First broadcast: Saturday 18th December 2010

Carl Donnelly on his Subway sandwich experience, John Gordillo on binge drinking, Miles Jupp on class differences and Jason John Whitehead on Facebook.


17. Episode Seventeen

First broadcast: Monday 10th January 2011

Dave Fulton on the World Cup, Mick Ferry on long term relationships, Jeff Innocent on holidaying in Guernsey, and Ian Moore on today's youth.


18. Episode Eighteen

First broadcast: Monday 17th January 2011

Paul Tonkinson on Boris Johnson, Chris McCausland on online shopping, Lucy Porter on therapy and Miles Jupp on Stephen Hawking.


19. Episode Nineteen

First broadcast: Monday 24th January 2011

Mick Ferry on Newcastle, Charlie Baker on getting fat, Jason John Whitehead on racism and fame, and Jeff Innocent on Crocs and road rage.


20. Episode Twenty

First broadcast: Monday 31st January 2011

Justin Moorhouse on coffee shops, Carl Donnelly on one night stands, Chris McCausland on embarrassing situations, and Craig Campbell on Norway.