Comedians Giving Lectures. Sara Pascoe. Copyright: 12 Yard Productions
Comedians Giving Lectures

Comedians Giving Lectures

  • TV comedy
  • Dave
  • 2019 - 2022
  • 20 episodes (3 series)

Sara Pascoe challenges comedians to give an inspiring lecture on a random topic of her choice.

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Janine Harouni lecture

Janine Harouni makes a convincing case for millennials, and a case against Baby Boomers, Gen Z, and jeans as tights.

Jo Brand lecture

Jo Brand explains why older people are happier and plays a classic game of 'Play Your Surgically Enhanced Stars Right'.

Dane Baptiste's lecture

Dane Baptiste discusses 'what are animals thinking and feeling?'

Lolly Adefope's lecture

Lolly Adefope delivers her lecture on 'you don't need an app for that'.

Phil Wang's lecture

Phil Wang on 'a pro wrestlers guide to confidence'.

Chris Ramsey's Lecture

Chris Ramsey discusses 'how a male contraceptive pill could work'.

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